Intramural Sports

Recreation Nation


OozeballOur Intramural Program, known as “Recreation Nation” is the largest in the Northeast region, with over 40 programs/activities offered year round! One of the primary goals of the program is to offer a wide variety of options for students when classes have finished for the day.

Offerings include campus leagues in Flag football, Softball, 5 vs. 5 Basketball, Floor Hockey, Indoor Soccer and Dodgeball to name a few. Tournaments we’ve offered are Kayak relay races, 3 vs.3 basketball, 4 vs.4 volleyball, Punt-Pass-and-Kick football, Oozeball (mud Volleyball), Mini-Golf, Billiards, Foosball, Darts and Table Tennis.

Our Intramural Program also incorporates the use of the latest video gaming systems to further broaden students’ choices of activities to join. Intramurals is about good times for all, and we welcome all newcomers to get involved and also give suggestions on the programs they want to see moving forward! With over 40% of the University population getting involved in Intramurals annually, Recreation Nation is the program to join on campus.