COVID-19 Updates

Academics - Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies and Setup

  • Cloth face coverings must be worn by all faculty and students in all academic settings.
  • Classrooms will be arranged to promote proper social distancing. All academic spaces will be assigned a capacity, based on physical-distancing recommendations, and class locations will be assigned based on these capacity limits.
  • Classrooms will be equipped with appropriate sanitation supplies, which will allow students and faculty members to clean shared surfaces upon arrival and departure. All members of the Franklin Pierce community share the responsibility of ensuring all campus areas are properly sanitized.
  • Guidelines specific to individual classes will be communicated by faculty members.


Campus Map

In order to promote social distancing, a new campus map has been created to show newly-designated areas around campus for classrooms. You can view the map below, or download the map to see it in a new window.

new campus map with classrooms placed to promote social distancing