COVID-19 Updates

Campus Cleaning Standards

Campus Cleaning Standards

Cleanliness and hygiene are everyone’s responsibility. The entire University community must work together to keep everyone healthy and safe.

EVS staff will continue providing daily cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms, breakrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, buildings and all public spaces. EVS staff will provide disinfecting wipes, or sprays for computer labs, classrooms and public spaces for individuals to clean surfaces regularly.

Community members are responsible for regularly wiping down with EPA-registered products any touchpads (phones, keyboards, printers), light switches, phone receivers, door knobs, press bars, and flat surfaces at least 3 times a day and after anyone that is a visitor to the space enters and leaves.

Each office, classroom or public space will have a sign-in/sign-out protocol that allows for tracking potential exposure by an individual with a positive test result, should it become necessary.

Academic, Office, and Departmental Spaces

In addition to the routine cleaning and disinfecting daily, disinfectant wipes and spray bottles of cleaning solution will be provided in every classroom, departmental common areas, and near copy machines, for individuals to use. Classrooms should be cleaned and disinfected properly in between classes.

Disinfectant spray will be available in all classrooms. Students will be responsible for wiping down their desk before and after using school equipment such as desks, tables, chairs, and communal computers. Faculty and staff should clean and disinfect high-touch, shared surfaces regularly (buttons, door handles, counters, workstations, keyboards, telephones, etc.)

Faculty, staff and students should eliminate any shared-use food preparation or storage items (including coffee pots). They should disinfect the handles of departmental microwaves and refrigerators after each use. Food and beverages other than water will no longer be permitted within the classroom to eliminate the need to take off masks in the classroom environment.

To avoid touching communal fixtures such as light fixtures, community members are encouraged to leave the lights on in academic and departmental spaces all day. 

Residence Halls

Face coverings which cover the nose and mouth must be worn when students are outside of their assigned housing space. This includes, but is not limited to, walking in the hallways in the residence halls, using the laundry rooms, community lounges or study rooms, etc. Hallways and common areas will be set up to facilitate one-way travel where possible.

Students, Res Life Staff, and EVS staff will collaborate to disinfect high-touch areas such as door knobs/handles, handrails, surfaces within common areas/lounges, laundry rooms, etc. on a regular (posted) schedule.

The University will provide cleaning supplies for students in Mountainview, Northwoods, Lakeview and Sawmill, to assist them in keeping their spaces clean/disinfected.

In-person, indoor groups will be kept to no more than ten people.

Individuals/guests who are not affiliated with the University will not be allowed to visit the residence halls for any amount of time. 

Dining Facilities

All Sodexo employees will be required to wear masks and shields (depending on position) while on campus, and will be responsible for constant wiping/disinfecting of all touch points throughout the Dining Hall areas.

There will be no self-service food or beverage offerings. Sodexo staff will serve all food and beverages, and will be separated from dining hall guests by shields and barriers. Seating capacities, limits on guests per table, one-way directional foot traffic, and 6’ social distancing will all be observed.

Student Support, Engagement and Recreation Spaces

All student support spaces, meeting rooms, and high-use public spaces (such as Spagnuolo Hall, the Fitzwater Center, the Follett Bookstore, etc.) will be cleaned a minimum of once daily by EVS staff. Students are responsible for wiping down any furniture or equipment after use. 

Athletics Facilities

All staff members, coaches, and student-athletes share responsibility for cleaning facilities after they use them. The Athletics Return-to-Play Committee will provide specific cleaning policies for athletics facilities.

The following are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Wipe all high touch areas (light switches, doorknobs, desktops, faucets, and handles) after using.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after using any facility. Hand sanitizing stations will be strategically located in key areas including screening, entry, and exit points of each facility.
  • Any staff member using a facility will check cleaning supplies and restock as needed.