Ravens Return

Dining Services

Dining Services


Sodexo Staff

  • All dining staff will be required to wear masks and/or shields while on campus.
  • Sodexo staff will be responsible for constant wiping/disinfecting of all touch points throughout the Dining Hall areas.

Seating Capacity

  • A review of seating capacities in the dining hall will involve potential reductions of 25% to 50% of existing seating capacity.
  • Seating areas will be rotated in and out of service to facilitate frequent cleaning and disinfecting.

Serving Areas & Traffic Flow

  • There will be no self-service of food offerings. Sodexo staff will serve all foods and some beverage options. Other beverage options may be self-serve where social distancing and sanitation can be properly maintained.
  • Traffic flow through the dining hall will be one-way as much as possible with everyone entering through the ramp and passing by the usual cashier station and exiting through the rear entrance near the stairs up to the Bookstore level.
  • Markers on the floor of the ramp will designate 6’ spacing for physical distancing as people wait in line to enter the Dining Hall.

Visit Franklin Pierce University’s Dining Services website for addtional information.