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Student Conduct Regarding COVID-19

Changes to Student Code of Conduct Regarding

In the interest of maintaining the health and safety of our community, students and parents were notified via email of changes to our current Student Code of Conduct process as it will relate, going forward, to egregious acts that constitute a violation of our COVID-19 rules and precautions and pose an increased threat to our safety.

The changes are outlined below:

Updates to the Student Code of Conduct related to COVID-19 


  • Students that are documented for an egregious violation of our policy will be notified the next business day following their documentation and:
  • They may waive their 48-hour notification for a hearing as outlined in our current conduct policy; or,
  • They will be placed on Interim Suspension and must return home immediately pending the completion of their conduct review process.
  • Students who waive their 48-hour notification for a hearing will be scheduled for a conduct review meeting that afternoon which they must prioritize above anything else in their calendar.
  • Pending a decision on their conduct review, their assigned sanction will begin immediately. For egregious acts, this will be Residence Hall Suspension and students found responsible will have to return home for the remainder of the semester. They may remain remotely engaged in their classes but may not physically return to campus while on Residence Hall Suspension.
  • Appeals remain available to students, but being in the appeal process will not delay the suspension from taking place. Students must continue their steps to return home and their appeal will be considered as they are submitted.
  • A student who has their sanction overturned on appeal may return to the physical campus. A student who has their original sanction upheld must fulfill the expectations of their Residence Hall Suspension for the remainder of the time designated.

Examples of why a student might be removed from campus or what might be considered egregious:

  • Not properly quarantining when told to do so by the University or the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
  • Hosting overnight guests that are not FPU students
  • Allowing your room, apartment, or townhouse to exceed occupancy standards
  • Multiple violations of the University’s COVID-19 rules and precautions such as mask wearing, social distancing, etc.
  • Participating in a social gathering that exceeds occupancy standards of a room, apartment, or townhouse
  • Participating in a party or gathering off campus that exhibits violations of the University’s COVID-19 rules and precautions that may increase the potential for exposure or transmission of the virus within our surrounding community

These changes in process went into effect immediately on September 4th.

To read the COVID-19 Policy Acknowledgement, Agreement, and Informed Consent form, click here.

Together we can assure the safety of Raven Nation. Continue to abide by our protocols and policies and we can continue to have an amazing semester here in Rindge!