Paula McWilliam, EdD, NNP

Director of Nursing Education, Nursing/Associate Professor

Paula McWilliam Bio Photo

 Paula McWilliam

Stanford University, Simulation Instructor Program

Doctoral Degree in Higher Education
Nova Southeastern University, Health Science

Masters of Science in Nursing, Perinatal-Neonatal Health
State University of NY at Stony Brook

Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Barry University

Phone: (603) 433-3540

Courses Taught
  • NR330 Clinical Decision-Making
  • NR490 Leadership/Seminar and Project
  • NR501 RN-MSN Bridge Course
  • NR549 Evaluation Learning and Assessment
  • NR690 Masters Capstone
Research Interests & Expertise AreasThe enhancement of mental readiness in healthcare education: development of clinical simulation training models that enhance psychological fidelity to evaluate human performance during critical incidences that occur in the clinical setting.

Featured in "Getting to Know You" podcast

Honors & Awards

Sigma Theta Tau

Publications and Presentations


Mcwilliam P., (2016). Quantitative Comparison of Neonatal Intubation Using a Sensor Integrated Laryngoscope, Pediatrics - (esupplements).

Chirgwin, C., LaCourse, J., McWilliam, P. (2015) Smart Syringe: Determining the Depth and Location of the Needle during Intramuscular Injection. Institute of electrical and electronic engineers incorporated (IEEE)

McWilliam, P., LaCourse, J., Botwinski, C. (2014) Deltoid Intramuscular Injection and Obesity is the Best Practice Being Used? MedSurg Matters 23(1), 4

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Quantitative Comparison of Neonatal Intubations Using a Sensor Integrated Laryngoscope. American Academy of Pediatrics, Washington, DC. (2015).

Quantitative Comparison of Neonatal Intubations Using a Sensor Integrated Laryngoscope. Contemporary Forums: Neonatology. Patient Care, Quality Improvement, Safety and the Law Conference. (2015).

Professional Memberships

  • Exceptional Nurse-Resources for nursing students with disabilities-mentor/speaker
  • Sigma Theta Tau International (Miami Chapter)-member
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta
  • Eastern Nursing Research Society
  • North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA)

Conferences Attended

  • NIH Human Rights Certification- September 2016
  • Protecting Patient Safety: Preventing Medical Errors- March 2017
  • Death and Dying and Bereavement Fundamental Concepts- April 2017
  • Recognizing and Reporting Impairment in the Workplace- April 2017
  • Laws and Rules Governing the Practice of Nursing- April 2017
  • Safe and Effective Prescription of Controlled Substances- April 2017
  • Online Classroom Management- July 2017


Grants Received

  • NIH INBRE  2017
  • The Endowment- Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education-2017
  • I Corps National Science Foundation 2017


  • Institutional Review Board Committee-FPU
  • Exceptional Nurse-mentor and advocate for nurses with disabilities.