Academic Accommodations and Third Party Examinations

Please note that although you may be deemed eligible for academic accommodations as an undergraduate and/or graduate student during your time as student at Franklin Pierce University, the University has no control over the eligibility requirements of third-party test administrators.

For example, undergraduate students seeking to take the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, or other graduate school entry exams, may be eligible for academic accommodations for exams created and administered by Franklin Pierce University, but not necessarily eligible for accommodations for these other exams.

The same can be said of graduate and professional students. While perhaps eligible for exams created and administered by Franklin Pierce University, they may not be eligible for certification and licensure exams.

Students pursuing courses of study which may lead to the taking of such exams should consult with their academic advisor and determine whether or not such an exam is likely to be necessary. If so, the student should then consult with the Center for Academic Excellence and create a plan so that accommodations are available during the exam.


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