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Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The Center for Academic Excellence assists students who qualify for academic accommodations with a range of services, from alternative settings for exams to advocacy skills instruction.  All students are encouraged to contact the Center to determine which services could be most helpful.  The use of self-advocacy skills is encouraged and staff will work with students on the development of these skills.  

Students requesting accommodations based on specific disabilities should meet with the appropriate contact person early in the semester or term.  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.), any student who presents appropriate documentation of a physical, learning or emotional disability in accordance with University policy will be provided with reasonable accommodations designed to meet his or her needs.  

Students on the Rindge campus should make an appointment with the Coordinator for Student Accessibility Services in the Center for Academic Excellence.  Students at a College of Graduate and Professional Studies campus should meet with their Center Director or can contact the Coordinator for Student Accessibility Services directly for assistance.

Before academic accommodations can be offered, it is the responsibility of the student to submit the necessary test documents, such as a psycho-educational assessment, individualized IQ test, achievement test or signed diagnosis statement of an MD or licensed psychologist, depending on the disability. See specific testing documentation links below.  These tests must have been given within the last three years and should contain a summary of results and recommendations. During an initial review by the Center for Academic Excellence, a student’s eligibility for services is determined.

Transition and Accommodation
Testing Guidelines
Request for Exam Administration

Students can submit for exam administration assistance one week before the exam for academic accommodations.

Grievance Procedure

Any student who disagrees with the eligibility and/or accommodation decisions made by the Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services has the right to file a grievance/complaint. Information is available by contacting the Section 504/A.D.A Compliance Officer at (603) 899-4162


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