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Instructions & FAQs

If you have been selected for a review process called Verification completion of Verification is REQUIRED in order for your Franklin Pierce University financial aid package to be finalized.

To complete Verification, you must access E-verification through CampusWeb: Log in to CampusWeb (—click the Students/Undergraduate/Grad Students tab—click “Billing/Financial Aid” on the left hand side of the page—in the middle of the page, you will see a blue link which says “Verify my FAFSA”, clicking this will take you to the E-verification website. Verification tasks MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE STUDENT unless otherwise noted in the E-verification web site.

Upon login, you will see a welcome page that displays a list of required tasks. Click on each section to see what information and/or documents are required for that particular task. Click on the “?” icons for more detailed information about individual items on the task list.

When you have completed each required task, the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Upon clicking “Submit” you will have submitted your completed verification documents for review by the Student Financial Services office. You will receive correspondence either from the e-Verification web site or the Student Financial Services office should any details of your documents be rejected or need to be corrected.

An Important Note to Dependent Students: The student is responsible for filling out and e-signing all tasks on the E-verification web site, unless otherwise noted on the Verification task list.

Please review the Frequently Asked Question section below for answers to commonly asked questions, additional links, and other information helpful to completing the Verification process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verification?

Verification is the process the school uses to confirm the accuracy of data reported on a student’s FAFSA. At Franklin Pierce University this process is done online.

Why have I been selected for Verification?

Each year the U.S. Department of Education randomly selects a percentage of the University’s population to complete the Verification process.

Can a parent complete the Verification process for their child?

NO! The student is the account holder and recipient of the aid and, therefore, it is fraudulent for an individual other than the student to complete any verification tasks unless expressly stated otherwise in the Verification process.

How do I create a Verification account?

Students do not need to create an E-verification account, they access it through their campus web portal. Log in to CampusWeb —click the “students” tab—click “billing/financial aid” on the left hand side of the page—in the middle of the page, you will see a blue link which says “verify my fafsa”, clicking this will take you to the E-verification website. Please note: The student’s information MUST be used when creating an account, as the account belongs to the student only. After you create your account you must verify the email address you used to sign up; you will receive an email immediately after account creation with instructions on how to do so.

What is my e-sign password?

Students: Your e-sign password is a pin you must create. Please see the following links on creating or resetting your esign pin.

Parents: Your e-sign pin will be the same as the password you use to sign in to the e-verification website.

How to do I make edits to the Household Form?

If you need to make edits to your Household Form, click the “fill out” button next to the Household Form to re-enter the form and change any answers. If you have already sent a request to a parent to e-sign your Household Form, you will need to cancel this request before you will be able to re-enter the Household Form. Please note: after you have made your corrections, you will need to e-sign again and also request your parent to e-sign again even if they have already e-signed the original form.

How Do I Upload Documents?

Here is a step-by-step review of how to upload documents from your computer to the Verification web site:

What is the difference between the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) and a Tax Return Transcript?

Depending on the information supplied in your Household Form, you may need to provide additional tax information in Verification. You have the option to provide this information by using either the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) or a Tax Return Transcript. Both provide the same required information, however, their method of being obtained is different.

How do I request a Parent E-signature?

The following video reviews the student process to request the signature and then the parent process to esign.

IMPORTANT: the email you send the parent e-signature request to MUST BE DIFFERENT than the email you used when creating your student Verification account.

How do I complete the parent e-signature?

After the student has requested the parent e-signature, the parent will receive an email with information on how to create a parent account, log in and complete the e-signature.

The following video reviews the student process to request the signature and then the parent process to esign.

IMPORTANT: the email the parent creates an account with MUST BE DIFFERENT than the email the student used when creating their student Verification account.

Why can’t I submit my Verification?

Verification will not allow you to submit until all required tasks have been completed. When all required tasks are completed, the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page will become click-able. You can then submit your completed Verification for review by Student Financial Services. What happens after I submit my completed Verification? Upon submitting your completed Verification, a member of the Student Financial Services team will review your materials. If there are any errors to be corrected or additional information needed, you will be contacted to complete these corrections and to re-submit the form. If Student Financial Services deems the form complete, your financial aid package will be finalized and posted to your CampusWeb financial aid portal.

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