Parents Association

The mission of the Pierce Parents Association is to engage and foster strong lifelong bonds between the University and its parent body. The Association is comprised of current parents or parents who have graduates from Franklin Pierce University.

The Association seeks opportunities to connect parents with other parents, and to involve all parents in the life of the University in ways that will be helpful to the students and supports the mission and vision of Franklin Pierce.

How The Parents Association carries our mission

  • Planning and facilitate a variety of on and off campus University events.
  • Helping to build the bridge between parents and the University.
  • Providing volunteer support at on and off campus events and programs.
  • Raising funds to help finance programs, events and needs of the University.
  • Assist the Alumni & Parent Offices in communications with families regarding news, events, etc.
  • Supporting new families with orientation and providing guidance to prospective families.

CONTACt Alumni & Parent Relations

Katie Copeland, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations
(603) 899-4030
Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.