Parents and Loved Ones FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the Rindge Campus

The process of enrolling in a University can be a confusing process, but we are here to guide and assist you. The information below addresses commonly asked questions and helps parents and guardians better understand Franklin Pierce services, programs, policies, and procedures. If there is anything we can do to make this process easier, please call the Office of Admissions at (603) 899-4050 or (800) 437-0048.


How does the University support my son/daughter's academic success?

The Center for Academic Excellence, located on the fourth floor of the Library, is staffed by a team of professionals dedicated to helping students achieve academic success at Franklin Pierce University. Study skills workshops, essential skills instruction, tutoring and the development of reading skills and learning strategies are among the many services offered. The Center for Academic Excellence assists students who have documented learning differences, by helping students learn what services are available to them and by working with faculty to provide necessary accommodations.

Who will be my son's or daughter's academic advisor?

Their First-Year Seminar professor will serve as the student's initial academic advisor. This advisor will work with the student until he or she chooses an academic major and faculty advisor within his or her major.

What if my son or daughter misses a week or more of classes due to a personal or medical emergency?

In the case of a personal or medical emergency that causes a student to miss classes for a week or more, the student or his/her representative should contact the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs at (603) 899-4280, which will inform the professors. The student is responsible for making up any assignments missed and should contact the professors upon return.

How can my son or daughter receive help with writing papers and essays?

The Peter C. Wensberg Writing Center serves all members of the campus community as a resource for writing needs and concerns. Administered through the Humanities Division and English Department, the Wensberg Writing Center is staffed by Faculty and Peer Tutors who are trained to help a student produce the best writing that he/she can. Any member of the campus community may use the Wensberg Writing Center and should feel free to come at any time during the writing process. Whether the goal is to develop ideas, create an outline or evaluate some written work, the staff will meet with the client regardless of where they are in the writing process. While the Wensberg Writing Center serves as a useful resource for a student who identifies him/herself as a weak writer, we also assist students who identify themselves as strong writers.

For all clients, we provide the services of a trained reader and responder, a tutor who may be able to help the client to produce more effective writing. The Wensberg Writing Center (WWC) is located in the Center for Academic Excellence. Tutoring sessions generally last 30 minutes, but may go longer at the discretion of the tutor. Please call (603) 899-4107 or visit the Wensberg Writing Center web site for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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What is the Raven Card?

The Raven Card is a service offered to students utilizing the student identification card (ID) as a declining balance account. The Raven Card may be used for purchases in the Campus Bookstore and The Ravens Nest (Pub). To initiate the Raven Card, simply deposit funds at the Student Financial Services Office (SFS) in whatever amount is appropriate. Each purchase made using the Raven Card will then be deducted automatically from the account, eliminating the inconvenience of cash, checking accounts or credit cards. Monies may be added and inquiries about the account balance may be made at any time. Cash may not be taken from the Raven Card; any remaining credit will be carried over to the next year. Adding extra funds to the Raven Card can be done online, but Parents must acquire a PIN from the Student to access their account. Questions about the Raven Card should be directed to the SFS Office; please call us toll-free at (877) 372-7347.

Are there any banking services on campus?

Banking services on campus are available only through the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) located on the Campus Center plaza. Yankee 24, Cirrus, Discover, American Express, Cash Stream, VISA and Master Card may be used to access cash at this ATM. Representatives from local banks are on campus during New Student Orientation for students who wish to open accounts.

When do I pay my son's or daughter's tuition bill?

Fall tuition bills will be emailed to your students FPU email account starting in May and are due by June 1. Spring tuition bills will be emailed in November and are due by December 1. Questions regarding bills should be directed to the SFS Office.

How may my son's or daughter's bill be paid?

The University accepts cash, personal checks, and money orders. Credit card and eCheck payments are accepted online only, and a convenience fee is assessed and added to the payment.

What happens if my son or daughter earns a private scholarship after financial aid has been awarded?

If a student receives a scholarship after he or she has been awarded financial aid, the student must contact Student Financial Services.

Are the student's personal belongings covered by the University's insurance if they are lost, stolen, or damaged?

The University will not accept responsibility for damage to, loss of, or theft of personal belongings. Students are encouraged to carry insurance through their parents' homeowner's policy or other carrier.

Are there on-campus jobs available to students?

Employment is awarded to many students who demonstrate financial need. As part of a financial aid package, a student may be awarded Federal Work Study. Upon arrival on campus, a student with an award in Federal Work Study begins looking for a job by consulting the online jobs board. A student applies directly to the on-campus employer. Most jobs pay the minimum wage. Typically, students work eight to twelve hours a week. Students are paid every two weeks by direct deposit into the student's checking account. Other questions may be directed to the Human Resources Office at (603) 899-4075.

Why isn't my son's or daughter's Work Study (student employment) award deducted from his or her bill?

Federal Work Study awards must be earned during the academic year, thus, they cannot be deducted from the bill.

What if my financial situation changes during the year?

Student Financial Services offers a number of options for those families who experience a change in their financial situation. Please contact Student Financial Services for additional information.

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What forms of payment are accepted at the Bookstore?

Bookstore items may be purchased by cash, check, Travelers Cheques, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card. Students may also purchase merchandise from the Bookstore by using their Raven Cards. Gift Certificates are also available.

What items may be purchased from the Bookstore?

In addition to textbooks and school supplies, the Bookstore carries Franklin Pierce apparel, postage stamps, audio and video tapes, compact discs and a wide variety of convenience store items (i.e. snack food, beverages, frozen and microwavable food). The Bookstore will also special order general reading books and offers a textbook "buy back" option everyday the bookstore is open. Bookstore services are available online.

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Where does a student go if he or she needs medical treatment?

Health Services is located in the lower level of Granite Hall. It is staffed Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the academic year. Our skilled professional staff of medical clinicians provides a wide range of confidential medical and educational services to our students on the Rindge Campus. Our primary goal is to foster the physical and emotional well-being of students and provide information encouraging healthy behaviors to benefit students now and in the future. EMT's are available 24/7 to assist with student medical emergencies. A variety of medical specialties are available for consultation or hospital referral. Students can make appointments by calling ext. 4130.

Most care rendered is at no charge to the student. Charges may be incurred for laboratory testing, x-ray, pharmacy items, or referrals for special medical problems. Many charges are covered by the student's insurance policy, which is provided by the University to all full-time Rindge students. All medical information regarding students 18 years and older is confidential and will not be released without a student's signature on a Release of Information Form, except in the case of a reportable communicable disease or life-threatening situation.

All incoming students must comply with Franklin Pierce health requirements to be eligible for final registration. The new student health forms, which are included in the Next Steps Guide mailed to deposited students, includes the required forms and deadline dates. There forms can be downloaded from the Accepted Students webpage or our Health Services page. Franklin Pierce Health Services is a member of the American College Health Association and the New England College Health Association. It is licensed as an Educational Health Facility by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

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What is the Outreach Education Center and what kind of services do they provide?

Outreach Education is the counseling component of Franklin Pierce University located in the lower level of Granite Hall across the court yard from Residential Life. We share the entryway with Health Services but are a separate University entity. 

We are generalists in regard to the many issues which may arise at Franklin Pierce, but we each also have particular expertise in certain therapeutic areas. For instance, Patricia's specialties include women's issues, substance abuse and addiction, and learning disabilities. Rob is a Creative Arts therapist who handles men's issues, substance abuse, learning disabilities, and special needs. 

Outreach Education works closely with Academic Services, Residential Life, Campus Ministries, and the Health Center to meet the academic and therapeutic needs of the community. Anyone in the Franklin Pierce community including staff, faculty, or students can make referrals to Outreach. All information and/or referrals made to Outreach are held in strict confidence and are not shared with anyone without the written permission of the student, including outside agencies or authorities. The outreach counselors and therapists are all ethically and legally bound to protect the confidentiality of the students.

If a student enters Franklin Pierce with previous connections with outside therapists, we will, with signed student permission, contact that professional to insure a smooth transition from home to the University environment. Outreach will also refer students to outside area agencies as needs arise.

To contact us , you can phone the Outreach Education Center at ext. 4133, e-mail Nicole Newell at  or stop by the Outreach Center in Granite Hall.

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What types of living arrangements are offered by the university?

First-year residence halls are structured specifically to provide support for first-year students. Students are assigned to rooms with one or two roommates. Residence halls are coed by wing. Each floor is assigned a Community Assistant to assist with the students' transition to the University. All first-year residents are required to be on the Unlimited Meal Plan plus $150 dining points with two guest passes.

When will my son or daughter find out his or her room assignment and roommate(s)?

Specific room and roommate assignments will be made in early August.

Are there laundry facilities available on campus?

Free washers and dryers are available to all students living in Franklin Pierce housing.

What address should we use to mail packages to students?

Student's Name, Franklin Pierce
"New Student" or Student Box #
40 University Drive
Rindge, NH 03461-0060

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If there is an emergency and we are unable to reach our son or daughter, is there someone we call?

Yes. Campus Safety & Transportation can be reached at (603) 899-4210.

How safe and secure is the University campus?

Campus Safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day, year round. Officers are certified in CPR, first aid, and crisis intervention and may be reached through the University's 24-hour dispatch center at (603) 899-4210, located in St. Peter's House on University Drive. While we enjoy an area with a low crime rate, we are aware that no environment is crime free. Emergency blue light phones are provided around the campus and Campus Safety officers actively patrol in vehicles and on foot.

Community members are strongly encouraged to assist Campus Safety by being involved with ensuring their personal safety through simple steps such as locking residence room doors; keeping track of valuables; being aware of strangers and knowing contact information for Campus Safety should an emergency arise. In addition to responding to emergencies, the Campus Safety Department provides personal safety escorts and jump-starts. Educational programming is provided throughout the year to encourage community members to take an active role in their own safety.

Are students allowed to have cars on campus?

Any student may have a car on campus. All motor vehicles must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. Students must register their vehicles with Campus Safety and display a parking decal that is valid for the current academic year. Parking is limited in areas near the residence halls and is on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Students are asked to provide a cell phone number as a point of contact when registering their vehicle.

Is there transportation available to students to and from area airports, train, or bus stations?

The University recommends Thomas Transportation Services for transportation to and from airports. Please call them at (800) 526-8143 or (603) 352-5550, or to make travel arrangements.

Is transportation available to students to and from the shopping areas?

Shuttle service is available after 4:30 p.m. (free of charge) to and from the local Cheshire Market Place and the Rindge Wal-Mart (with pharmacy). The Cheshire Market Place features a large supermarket, shoe store, Hallmark card shop, sporting goods store, salon, and a TD Banknorth branch bank. The fall shuttle schedule will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

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What Computer Network Resources are available to students?

Franklin Pierce University provides students access to computing resources, including equipment and access to networks, as an integral part of the educational environment. The University computer network at the Rindge campus provides network and Internet access to all members of the Franklin Pierce community. Students use it for email,  coursework, professional development, and recreational activities.

All student computers running a Windows operating system are required to register on the network and install AVG anti-virus software. Internet access is available to all registered computers on campus. The campus has four computer labs: three Windows labs, and a Macintosh lab with Apple iMac G5s. Availability for general use is posted at each lab.

What if my student already owns a computer?

If he or she already owns a computer and plans to bring it to campus, we recommend the following minimum requirements:

Processor: Pentium 4, 1.6 GHz or better
RAM: 1024 MB
Network card: 10/100/1000
Operating System: Any Windows Operating System with the latest service pack and critical updates
Anti-Virus software is provided by the college
Anti-Spyware software is highly recommended
Bring your operating system or restoration CD
Cable: 25' Category 5 network cable with RJ-45 connectors
A security cable to lock your computer is recommended

If you are purchasing a new desktop computer to bring to campus, we recommend the specifications outlined in the list below.

Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better 
Network card: 10/100/1000 
Operating System: Any Windows Operating System
Bring your operating system or restoration CD
Anti-Virus software is provided by the college
Anti-Spyware software is highly recommended
Cable: 25' Category 5 network cable with RJ-45 connectors
A security cable to lock your computer is recommended

If you are purchasing a new laptop to bring to campus, we recommend the following:

Processor: 1.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 
Network card: Built-in 10/100
Operating System:Any Windows Operating System
Bring your operating system or restoration CD
Screen: 15.4 inches
Weight: 6.6 lbs
Anti-Virus software is provided by the college
Anti-Spyware software is highly recommended
Cable: 25' Category 5 network cable with RJ-45 connectors
A security cable to lock your computer is recommended

If you already own an Apple Computer and plan on bringing it to campus, we recommend the following minimum requirements:

Model: Power PC
Processor: G4
RAM: 512MB
Operating System: OS X
Bring your packet of system restore CDs
Cable: 25' Category 5 network cable with RJ-45 connectors
Anti-virus software is recommended
A security cable to lock your computer is recommended

If you are purchasing a new Apple Computer to bring to campus, we recommend the following:

Model: Power PC
Processor: 1.6 or better
RAM: 1GB or better
Operating System: OS X
Bring your packet of system restore CDs.
Cable: 25' Category 5 network cable with RJ-45 connectors
Anti-virus software is recommended
A security cable to lock your computer is recommended

NOTE: If you are purchasing a new computer or hard drive, you may take advantage of the Educational Discount through our vendor, GovConnection (

NOTE: You must have a network card for Internet access.  AOL, MSN, or similar accounts are not necessary to access the Internet. Linksys or any other type of router will not be supported. (Wireless routers are not permitted)

Microsoft Software for Full-Time Day Students

Microsoft Office 2007 Standard will be available to full-time day students at a nominal fee to be no more than $50 (cash or check made out to Franklin Pierce University). You will receive your own CD and license key. The college has taken care of the licensing fee. Office Standard includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Office tools. (Does not include Microsoft Access) Available at the IT Department.

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Are students offered email accounts on campus?

Email is the primary means of official communication between the university administration and the students. Students are expected to read their email at least once each day and to keep their email mailboxes from becoming filled (which prevents new messages from being received). Access to email is available through Outlook web access from both on, and off campus.

Our intranet, provides community members with up-to-date information on events & activities. Students are encouraged to check the site daily.

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Telephones in student residences

Franklin Pierce University can provide local dial tone to each dorm room and each bedroom in the special living options upon request. If you request dial tone in your room, one analog telephone needs to be provided for making and receiving calls, and accessing 911. Long distance calls can be made by using a calling card, either pre-paid or billed, purchased by the student or parent.

The local dial tone will give you access to the voicemail system (4100) and any on-campus extensions. To access a dial tone to make a local call or to dial a toll-free number, dial 7.

Local telephone exchanges from Rindge are:
Rindge: 899
Fitzwilliam: 585
Peterborough: 924
Jaffrey: 532
Winchendon, Mass. (area code 978, exchange 297)

Voicemail is provided only upon request. If you are a member of a club or organization on campus you may be required to have a campus voicemail. If you live on campus and have requested dial tone in your room, this number can be programmed to ring in your room so that people from off campus can reach you and you can access your personal voicemail directly. You do not need local dial tone in your room to access voicemail.

Calling a student in a campus residence
From off campus people can either dial (603) 899-4100 and your voicemail number, if you have one, or call (603) 899-4000 and the campus operator will connect them to your room.

Cell Phone Service
US Cellular is the cellular phone service provider in Rindge, NH. They have installed a repeater on campus, and service is reasonably reliable in most buildings. Verizon Wireless has a reciprocal agreement with US Cellular and service from Verizon is also fairly dependable. Nextel has a tower on Pac Monadnock and their service has recently improved. Rindge is a rural area, surrounded by granite ledges and at the base of Mt. Monadnock. It is beautiful. However cellular phone service is not guaranteed.

TTY and FAX Service
The University provides TTY service for the hearing impaired, located on the first floor of the library and available for student use. The telephone number is 603-899-1125. Faxes can be sent and received 24 hours a day from the Campus Safety building. The fax number is 603-899-4325. There is no cost to receive a fax. Sending a fax costs $1 per page.

Cable Television System
The University Cable Television provides service to all campus residences. Students may bring a television from home to receive Franklin Pierce Cable programming in their residence hall rooms. RG6 quality cables are recommended and may be brought from home or are available for purchase at the University Bookstore. Televisions should be cable ready.

If you have any questions about Telephone Service, Cable TV, e-mail, or the computer network please call the IT Help Desk at (603) 899-4214.

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How may I get involved?

Family Weekend is held each fall and offers the opportunity for you to spend the weekend getting to know the campus, faculty and staff while spending time with your son or daughter. Every spring the Admissions Office sponsors a Parent Phone Campaign. Parents of current students are asked to volunteer to make phone calls to prospective students from their geographic area. The Admissions Office will contact you at the appropriate time.

Franklin Pierce Parents Association

The Franklin Pierce Parents Association is an organization of parents whose children are enrolled at or have graduated from Franklin Pierce University. The association seeks to foster a positive and productive relationship between parents and the University, and to involve parents in the life of the University in ways that will be helpful to the students and supportive of the mission and vision of Franklin Pierce University.

Franklin Pierce Parents Association members serve as ambassadors for Franklin Pierce through daily contact with friends, neighbors and business associates. Members are asked to participate in regional University events as representatives of the Parents Association and to assist the University in recruitment and orientation of both students and parents. With the support of the Division of University Advancement, Parents Association members will help shape parent involvement in the Franklin Pierce community. If you would like additional information regarding the Franklin Pierce Parents Association, contact the Office of University Advancement at (603) 899-4031. 

Encourage Student Involvement

With a variety of clubs, classes, intramurals, athletics, student leadership and community service opportunities, every student is able to find a place for his or herself. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement from parents for a student to find his/her niche.

I already pay my child's tuition. Why should I also donate to Franklin Pierce?

A gift to Franklin Pierce University is used to advance educational programs, improve facilities, enhance cultural and recreational activities, and provide financial aid for students. Since tuition and fees only cover approximately 70% of the cost to educate a student at Franklin Pierce, the University must rely on its alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends to make up the difference in unrestricted gifts to the Parents Fund. The gifts Franklin Pierce receives from generous donors helps keep tuition costs reasonable, provide much-needed scholarships, and they enhance the quality of the educational experience our students receive.

Learn more about the Pierce Annual Fund.

How can I give a gift to Franklin Pierce?

Every philanthropic gift to Franklin Pierce, a nonprofit university, is a conscious choice to help change the lives of young women and men. Franklin Pierce has been a place of opportunity and new beginnings for students for more than five decades. The generosity of alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, corporations and foundations ensures that Franklin Pierce can fulfill its promise to our students today, while securing the future for those who will follow. There are many ways to support Franklin Pierce. Thank you for your support. Learn more about how to give to Franklin Pierce University.

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