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A Student's Journey Begins with a Generous Donor

Every philanthropic gift to Franklin Pierce, a nonprofit university, is a conscious choice to help change the lives of young women and men. Franklin Pierce has been a place of opportunity and new beginnings for students for more than five decades. The generosity of alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, corporations and foundations ensures that Franklin Pierce can fulfill its promise to our students today, while securing the future for those who will follow.

Your support helps to provide support for financial aid and scholarships for students, funds to expand and enhance academic programs, student life, athletics, technology, buildings and grounds improvements.

There are many ways to support Franklin Pierce and our students. Thank you for your support.



  • Pierre Morton

    “Why I Give? That’s easy, I give because I can see first-hand the impact it has in the eyes of students who receive internships or job offers or the growth I see in students year-over-year. Ultimately, for me, I can put a face to each dollar I give and that makes all the difference!”

    Pierre Morton

    Executive Director, The Lloyd & Helen Amend Astmann ’69 Career Development Center 

  • Jennie Brown, Ph.D.

    “I give so that students can push themselves to achieve more and have a greater impact on society – sharing their research and knowledge with the broader community at conferences and graduate schools. This research experience increases confidence and helps them stand out among other graduate and job applicants.”

    Jennie Brown, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Psychology

  • Andrew Pollom

    "Working with students at Franklin Pierce, on a daily basis, I have access to some amazing future leaders and change makers. I am awed by their thoughtfulness, intellect, creativity, their ideas, where they have been and their thoughts on where they want to go. Giving assures that these students get to where they are needing to go and increases the likelihood that they will end up where they want to go. And I want them to get there because they are going to make our world, whether that is locally, regionally, nationally, or around the world, a better place by what they are doing. I am happy to support them in their experience at Franklin Pierce University as a stepping stone on their journey.” 

    Andrew Pollom

    Dean of Student Affairs

  • Dave Masse

    "I give to Franklin Pierce so students can continue to have exceptional learning experiences."

    Dave Masse ’83

    Vice President of Academic Relations/Alumni Association

  • Scott Ansevin-Allen

    "I give to Franklin Pierce University in support of the great work we undertake as a campus community.  I believe that we make a difference in the lives of those we nurture and grow from tentative young adults to leaders in their community and beyond.  Please join me in making these experience available by paying it forward."

    Scott Ansevin-Allen

    Assistant Dean - Student Involvement

  • Grace Ames

    "I guve because I believe in paying it forwards."

    Grace Ames'12


  • Amanda MacGee '03 Photo

    "I give because I want students to have the same opportunities I had."

    Amanda MacGee '03

    President of the Alumni Association

  • Paul Jenkins, University Librarian

    “I consider my gift to Franklin Pierce an investment in the future of not only the university, but also of our country.  Franklin Pierce graduates practice information literacy, a skill that ensures the future of our democracy.”

    Paul O. Jenkins

    University Librarian

  • Dr. Kristen Nevious

    “I give to Franklin Pierce University because I believe that our students hold our future in their hands.  Our contributions help ensure that we can engage our students’ intellects, challenge their perspectives, give them skills, and help them find their voices in the public discourse that is so essential to the health of our Democracy.”

    Dr. Kristen Nevious

    Director of the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication

  • Dr. Kim Mooney '83, President of Franklin Pierce University

    "I give in support of Franklin Pierce students who commit to discovering their deepest passions and greatest potential."

    Dr. Kim Mooney '83


  • Maria Altobello, Dean of CGPS

    "I give because I believe in the upward economic mobility that education provides."

    Maria Altobello, M.B.A., A.L.M., Ed.D.

    Dean, College of Health & Natural Sciences

  • Ed French, Dean of the College of Business

    "I consider my gift a small way of paying forward... my way of investing in the future of Franklin Pierce University students."

    Edward F. French, M.B.A., D.A.


  • Henry Ellis '69

    "It is a way to honor the past and say 'Thank You' for all that Franklin Pierce has done for me. Also, it is a way to ensure that Franklin Pierce will remain a viable institution in the future, so that otherswill have the benefit of all that Franklin Pierce has to offer. I hope that all alumni will do their part, no matter how large or small their gift is, to contribute toward both of these objectives."

    Henry Ellis '69 

    Former President, Alumni Association

  • Jim O'Loughlin

    "I give because I believe in supporting our students and the University in any way that I am able, it's how I've always tried to live my life; students first."

    Jim O'Loughlin

    Student Support Specialist, Center for Academic Excellence 

  • Michelle Barbeau '11, MBA '13

    "It shows our Students and the community the commitment and belief that all of the staff and faculty have for this University's future."

    Michelle Barbeau '11, M.B.A. '13

    Associate Director of Enrollment & Retention

  • Rachel Burleson, Director of Athletics

    "I give to enhance our community."

    Rachel Burleson

    Director of Athletics

  • Larry Leach

    "I give because I want other students to have the same opportunities I did at Franklin Pierce."

    Larry Leach '82, P '13, '15


  • Vicky Rank

    "I'm grateful for all that FPU has provided to me, so I'm happy to have the opportunity to give this back to the community."

    Vicky Rank ’02, ’05, MBA ’12, P ’14

    Administrative Assistant in the Center for Academic Excellence

  • Doug Carty

    "I give because I believe in the potential of Franklin Pierce and want to be a part of that success."

    Doug Carty '06

    Director of Raven Recreation

  • Derek Scalia

    "I give so that students have greater opportunities to connect and grow at Franklin Pierce. Developing leaders of conscience requires us to create a space for personal development, which challenges students, and offers them new experiences."

    Derek Scalia '05

    Associate Director of Student Involvement & Director of the A.L.A.NA Program

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