Sunset Pearly Pond


Each event requires a contract which must be signed and returned with your event deposit if required, guests must review our Guest Policies and must share them with each participant in your event.

Franklin Pierce University may require a certificate of liability in the name of the University for a minimum amount of $1,000,000 prior to the start of each program.

All outside services must be approved by the University no less than thirty (30) days before the start date of the contracted event.  All approved vendors must provide proof of insurance appropriate to their industry (ie. food safety, liability, malpractice, etc.) and must adhere to the same Minors Policy that our guests are required to follow.

Clients will be billed for meals and housing based on the minimum number of guaranteed guests.  In the event that the number of actual guests exceeds the number of guaranteed guests, the client will be responsible for the higher amount.

Catering services through Sodexo is required for all food service provided outside of the dining hall and is not included as part of the daily rate for groups electing to provide meal service in the cafeteria.