Marlin Fitzwater Center Programs

The Presidency and the Press

This five-day summer conference allows high school media to explore the dynamics of presidential election politics, the role of media who cover it, and the relationship between the two.

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Fitzwater Honors

This annual program recognizes outstanding students and alumni who have made significant contributions to the public discourse, in accordance with the ideals that drive the Fitzwater Center. 

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Political Polling

Conduct political polling through a partnership with a professional pollster and the Boston Herald. Participate in survey design, data collection, analysis, and media relations—while creating a strong news story.

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Fitzwater Fellows

Prominent White House correspondents assume on-campus residencies to interact with students, discuss current political issues and provide professional guidance.

Indie Lens Pop-Up Film Screenings

Indie Lens Pop-Up is a partnership with PBS and NHPTV to bring people together for film screenings and community-driven conversations. 

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Fry Lecture

This annual lecture invites civic, business, and educational leaders onto the Rindge campus to address issues facing the greater Monadnock Region.

If all communication depends on our ability to transmit ideas from one person to another, let this Center spark the intellectual curiosity, the enthusiasm and the personal integrity to make every person who passes through these halls a beacon unto the world."

Marlin Fitzwater


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