Ken Ferreira

Ken Ferreira

With a career spanning nearly 20 years at Franklin Pierce, Ken Ferreira has seen the University navigate change. One constant, however, has been the institution’s commitment to accessibility and affordability, thanks in large part to Ferreira’s commitment to helping students achieve their dreams.

Ferreira’s Franklin Pierce tenure began in 2005, when he joined the institution as the director of financial aid. At the time, the college was consolidating various student administrative services into a single entity, which led to the merging of the Financial Aid and Bursar’s Offices, giving rise to the office of Student Financial Services (SFS).

Ferreira’s dedication to ensuring Ravens have the necessary support to aid in their educational journeys is informed by his personal experience, and his leadership extends beyond Franklin Pierce. He has served as the president of the New Hampshire Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators for four terms, guiding the organization’s direction and actively contributing to the field’s development. He also has been recognized as an expert in student financial aid through interviews, publications, and presentations on various platforms, including WMUR, New Hampshire Public Radio, and national panels. Earlier this year, it was announced that Ferreira was appointed President-Elect of the Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (EASFAA). This prestigious role commences a three-year presidential cycle for Mr. Ferreira, beginning on June 1, 2024, where he will successively serve as President-Elect, President, and Past President.


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