Campus Parking and Motor Vehicle Policies

Department of Campus Safety

Campus Parking and Motor Vehicle Policies 


Visitors and guests are welcome during the academic semester on the Rindge campus and are required to register with the Department of Campus Safety in the St. Peters Building, prior to parking on campus.

Guests visiting the University on business only may use spaces at the Peterson Hall and DiGregorio parking lots. These spaces are for short-term daytime visitor parking only. All other visitors/guests are required to park in the DiGregorio lot.

A visitor permit will be issued for no more than 3 consecutive days and the visitor must be accompanied by the student host when registering and at all time thereafter.

Parking Map
Faculty, Staff, Student, and Visitor Parking
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Tickets are issued by the Department of Campus Safety and fines are applied to the Student accounts through Student Financial Services. Student Financial Services is located at Cole’s Hall.

Tickets received by students can be paid at Student Financial Services Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). The Department is available from 8:00AM—4:30 PM. The transaction will appear on the Student’s account.

If the student chooses not to pay the ticket, the fee will be applied to the Student’s account for payment. Payments for fines cannot be paid or received by the Department of Campus Safety.
Parking Violations Fine Schedule

Students are financially responsible for all fines of tickets issued to their vehicles and those of their visitors/guests. Fines can only be paid through the Student Financial Services office.

Parking Violation Fine
Fire Lane/Restricted Area $100.00
Handicapped Parking $100.00
Blocking Fire Hydrant $100.00
Towed Vehicle $110.00
Hindering Snow Removal $75.00
Failure to Display/Unregistered (University) Vehicle $50.00
Unauthorized Use of/Forged Permit $50.00
Unsafe Operation $50.00
Driving Wrong Way $50.00
Blocking Traffic/Roadway/Dumpster $50.00
Driving/Parking on Sidewalk/Lawn/Crosswalk $25.00
Unauthorized Parking $25.00
Parking in a non-designated Space $25.00
Expired or Unregistered Vehicle (State) $25.00
Booted Vehicle $25.00
General Parking or Vehicle Violation $25.00

Each citation you receive will result in a ticket being placed on your vehicle. There are some incidents that may require the campus safety office to send it via university mail.

Due to inclement weather the ticket may not remain on your vehicle and possibly blow away. The ticket issued is still valid. You will have 5 days from the date of issuance to appeal your citation.

Submit your appeal to: 

If you submit any appeal after 5 days from the day of issuance it will be denied and you will be held responsible for the fine.


To Appeal a Citation

Send an email to , describing the date, time location and violation and the reason an appeal should be considered by the Appeals Board.

Operating privileges suspended for 5 or more citations (paid or not) will result in the vehicle only being allowed to be parked in the DiGregorio parking lot. Appeals can be submitted to the Director of Campus Safety. Opera􀆟ng on campus after a suspension had been invoked will result in a Failure to Comply charge under the Student Code of Conduct.


Snow Removal

During and after snowfall, Facilities will begin snow removal procedures. When snow is expected, a voicemail will be sent out to notify the Franklin Pierce community when and where to move their vehicles. Vehicles parked in such a way as to prohibit/hinder snow removal or which do not comply with snow removal instructions will be towed/ticketed and stored at the expense of the vehicle owner. This includes not moving your vehicle from a lot at the specified time. Vehicles not able to be moved will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Special Events

Periodically, the University will host special events on campus for large groups. The University reserves the right to temporarily alter these parking policies to accommodate these groups. Campus Safety will make reasonable attempts to notify the University Community of any changes, temporary or permanent, to these policies.

Maintenance of Vehicles

It is the responsibility of the registrant to maintain their vehicle and to ensure it is safe to operate on campus. No one is permitted to perform any maintenance of his/her vehicle on Franklin Pierce Property. Vehicles not able to be moved when requested will result in towing at the owner’s expense.

Parking Committee

Suggestions and comments regarding campus parking policies may be submitted to the Parking Committee via the Director of Campus Safety. Membership on the Committee consists of Faculty, Staff and Students.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding these published policies should be directed to the Director of Campus Safety at (603) 899 ‐ 4102 or email:

Student Financial Services 1‐877‐372‐7347 or (603) 899‐4180

St. Peters Building
40 University Drive
Rindge, NH 03461
(603) 899‐4210

The Department of Campus Safety  is responsible for the protection of both persons and property. Officers patrol the buildings and grounds around the clock and are always available to assist students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Department is also responsible for providing crime awareness education programs, issuing ID cards, and administering and enforcing parking regulations.

The department publishes and distributes crime statistics and security policies annually in compliance with the Campus Crime and Security Awareness Act of 1990. Copies of this publication are available here and at Campus Safety in the St. Peter's Building, in Admissions and in Human Resources. 

Department of Campus Safety and Security(603) 899-4210

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