Gear List

Pre-Orientation Wilderness Adventure

Clothing: Top

In general, layering is the key to comfort. As you cool off, layer up, as you warm up through exertion, layer down. Tops with ¾ zips help regulate heat very well. It’s best to avoid cotton if possible but if you have a mix of cotton and synthetic layers you’ll be just fine.

Clothing: Bottom

Layering will also be important with your other half!

Clothing: OtherHygiene

Hygiene can be a touchy subject in the backcountry. Yes, we will all smell a little funky, yes you might have to ‘poop in the woods…’

Personal ItemsOptional ItemsDo Not BringRecommended Kayak/Canoe Specific Gear

Water shoes, something that can get wet (Crocs, Tevas or sandals work well), camp towel, swimsuit.

Recommended Backpacking Specific Gear

Hiking boots for safety and performance; these should have a ¾ shank and be full height to provide support above the ankle bone.

Note: everyone has a personal preference when it comes to gear and comfort. Some people are ‘hot’ all the time and others ‘cold’ all the time. Temperatures will fluctuate between 40 degrees and 85 degrees during the program. Any good New England day isn’t complete without a 40 degree swing from sunrise to sunset. Zippers are by far the best way to regulate temperatures, so aim for gear that zips up and/or off for this program. Moisture and water is an element that can make any outdoor experience uncomfortable, as noted above, a change of clothes and waterproof items are important.


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