Residential Life


All class levels are housed separately, by designations defined as first year, sophomore, junior and senior. This is meant to promote community development within the same class and to meet the academic and social needs of each group. Besides living with peers, this arrangement allows staff from Residential Life and Student Activities to provide community events to bridge classroom learning to residential living. This intentional engagement helps students establish meaningful relationships with their peers through shared activities. Use the links below to see student housing details on residence halls, room dimensions, photos and more.

  • Granite Hall
  • New Hampshire Hall
  • Mount Washington Hall
  • Granite Hall
  • Cheshire Suites
  • Edgewood Hall
  • Monadnock Hall
  • Mountain View Apartments
  • Northwoods Apartments
  • Lakeview Efficiency Apartments and Townhouses
  • Sawmills Apartments
Graduate Students
  • Mountain View Apartments
Additional Information
  • Residence Hall Linens offers a convenient and affordable way to purchase x-long sheets, towels, and more. Proceeds go to the Franklin Pierce Sigma Tau Delta chapter.