Business PLUS

Accelerated business degree programs for undergraduate students

Franklin Pierce offers motivated students the opportunity to complete their undergraduate business degrees in just three years and graduate degree in one year.

Advance your college and professional careers
Students completing their undergraduate degrees through the PLUS Program save a year’s tuition and fees and enter the job market earlier or can choose to go on and earn a graduate degree in their fourth year at Pierce. Automatic acceptance into a graduate PLUS business program is a unique benefit.

Several PLUS options are available to new and continuing students who have a record of strong academic achievement and a desire to advance their education. Personalized schedules are available to student athletes and those with work or volunteer commitments so you can take advantage of all that Franklin Pierce has to offer.

Choose the path that’s right for you!

  • 3-year Accelerated Business Degree Program
    Complete your undergraduate program in three years.

  • 3PLUS1 Program
    Complete your undergraduate business PLUS program in three years and be automatically accepted into the graduate business PLUS1 program of your choice.

  •  4PLUS1 Program
    Complete your undergraduate business PLUS program in four years and be automatically accepted in the graduate business PLUS1 program of your choice.

  • PLUS1 Program
    Complete the graduate business PLUS program of your choice in one year.

Innovative, flexible, and personalized.

Enjoy the many benefits of these innovative programs:

  • Flexibility: You may choose to pursue an accelerated undergraduate program, graduate program or both. Those initially choosing a threeyear program may transition to a traditional program any time. Those who meet the PLUS1 requirements may transition to an accelerated graduate program at any time.

  • Advisor: Students in the 3-year Accelerated Degree Program, 3PLUS1 Program or 4PLUS1 Program work with a PLUSadvisor to develop an education plan that ensures successful completion of the program of choice.

  • Savings: Students in the accelerated undergraduate program may save as much as $41,000* in tuition and room & board.

  • Credits: Those in the PLUS1 Program may transfer 6 graduate-level undergraduate credits into their graduate program resulting in a tuition savings of as much as 15 percent (or $3,720*).

  • Job Marketability: Students in accelerated programs will enter the job market either one year sooner than their peers, or if pursuing the PLUS1 Program option, with a master’s degree making them more likely to land a job. Internships and fieldwork strengthen a graduate’s resume.

  • Delivery: Undergraduate coursework is delivered in traditional classrooms and online. Graduate courses are either hybrid or totally online.

  • Accessibility: Students of any major may elect to pursue any business graduate degree.

  • Personalized Scheduling: Customized three- and four-year academic schedules are available enabling you to participate in the PLUSprograms while playing collegiate sports, working or volunteering.

    * Based on 2014-15 rates

Want to know more?

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New Students – Planning to apply to Franklin Pierce University and interested in the Business PLUS undergraduate program? Contact your Admissions Counselor or email the Admissions Office.

Current Students - Franklin Pierce undergraduate students interested in the applying to a Business PLUS undergraduate or graduate program, contact your academic advisor or email a PLUS Advisor.

Other Students – If you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree already (or will graduate from another institution shortly) and are interested in the applying to a Business PLUS graduate program, email the Graduate & Professional Studies Admissions Office.