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"How has Franklin Pierce set you up to be successful in your post-college life, specifically your career?" -Melissa M. '16

Dr. Earle helped me learn life skills that I still use to this day and Rosemary helped me get into law school. Plus all of the networking I did there has helped me grow my law practice.” –Charles Jordan Handy ‘08

“Franklin Pierce did the most important thing for me; instill the value of friendship and loyalty to the people who matter most. Three years out of my degree I have struggled with my career but I have not struggled with my dedication and respect for the people who made every day count for me. Because of those people I have become a confident individual and currently operating two of my own businesses in fitness! I love my job and my experiences at Pierce have led to countless possibilities!” –Danielle Dolan ‘12

“Personally I can't thank Rosemary and her team enough for the support over the years. The career workshops and other programs offered were great for interacting with professionals, so that now communication within my job is easy. I also had questions for Rosemary and reached out post-grad to help get me where I am. I want to give credit to Mary Ann Gaal's Communication Skills for Managers, Keith Detjen's small business management, Bill Costa's Senior Seminar, and Mack Bean's Consumer Behavior classes for the business skills and information that I still use today. Also, the opportunity to work on campus in Residential Life provided me with a great background to help with leadership and problem resolution in the workplace. Finally, the speaker series was beneficial, to gain knowledge of others with their experiences to get perspective of how my clients may view situations differently. I'm a firm believer in you get out what you put in.” –Jennifer Christy ‘13

"As a Mass Communication Media Production major, I started working hands on with the TV shows my freshmen year. It's about being comfortable doing what you want to do. I did every job in the TV station so that I am prepared for the real world. Today I am the studio manager/engineer of the Beverly Hills Studios. I do the same thing I did at Franklin Pierce, except I work with celebrities now instead of college kids.” –Adam Saada ‘10

“A sum of many positive experiences; learning to live with people, Resident Advising, support of faculty and staff, stretching your involvement in campus activities, growing into leadership roles, hands on experience that helped launch my life long career in computer application support, supportive lifelong friends and relationships. It's the collective experiences I enjoyed at Franklin Pierce.” –Bob Riley ‘82

“Working at a great charter school teaching third grade with lots of opportunities” –Jessica Allison Ferreira ‘09

“Pierce is a fantastic place to try a little bit of everything! Unlike larger/more-segmented universities, at Pierce I was able to work in three different disciplines, and that multidisciplinary background set the stage for success in my current career as an information scientist.” –Christopher Lawton‘10

“I transferred to Pierce instead of graduating early and spent two years taking the classes that most interested me, working in Residential Life, and getting involved on campus. Taking classes in a little bit of everything has made me a much better Librarian, as I now have at least a small background in nearly everything patrons ask for. My work in Residential Life has helped form my youth programming, and my major coursework has enabled me to secure thousands in grant funds for my very tiny library. My time in SGA gave me the skills I needed to serve on the Vermont Library Association executive board, and being involved with PAC helped me be successful as the annual conference coordinator. The college experience is based on what you put into it. I may have only had two years at Pierce where most had four, but they were the best two years of my 20 years of school.” –Jessica Summers ‘09

"I have been graduated many decades. As I have been contacted by the college, I will gladly donate when possible, toward the Alumni Scholarship Fund. This allows students with aptitude, desire and skill to get the chance of getting a college education, because their own personal financial situation made that difficult. The college also routinely contacted me to see where I was in the working world for alumni directory information. I once was even contacted to consider submitting my resume for consideration as an Assistant Director of Student Activities but had to decline as my duties of my present job at the time took priority." -Salvatore Johnny Baratta ‘89

“My time there was great, but I would have picked a different major. Back then History teachers were a dime a dozen. After student teaching, I couldn't get a position, because there was too much competition. I then got into business, and have a good career. I should have gone for a degree in Accounting or Business.” –Gary Appleton ‘69

“As a theater major, I learned how to work collaboratively, think on my feet, act decisively, get creative, turn on the charm. I now run a multi-million dollar restaurant, where every day is a mesh of behind the scenes preparation and live action.” –Becky Gomes ‘03

“As a theater major, I learned how to present myself and the company I work for in a positive, professional manner. I'm personable and can talk to anyone. Today I am the director of marketing for a nonprofit community center. Pierce taught me to believe in myself and in community.” – Jaime Sayers

As an education major, I learned to think outside the box when reaching all learners. In the education field, collaboration is key. Pierce developed my independent thinking skills while challenging me to consider the perspectives of others. I learned flexibility, yet how to be a leader. As an American Studies major I learned to ask the hard questions and to view literature in new light. Writing to communicate became second nature. Anyway, you are in a great place, I look back on the education I received at Pierce and feel nothing but gratitude. I have been a teacher in CT for 12 years.” –Tanya Navarra ‘02

“As an Arts Management major I learned everything I need to know to be successful in my current position as the Centre Programs manager of the Atlanta Ballet. The combination or arts and managerial courses gave me the tools I need to be a successful artist and administrator.” –Nicole Kedaroe ‘08

“A chance to learn how to best communicate and market myself to others, and gain core academic knowledge-I left with a Biology degree that has taken me to a variety of great places!” –Waverly Knize ‘83

“I worked for 3 years in the Admissions Office as a tour guide and office work study. The Admissions team treated us like family and allowed us to do as much work as possible to learn office skills. I worked as a Peer Advisor and Head Peer Advisor for 3 years as well. The leadership experience was so valuable. I was a Mass Communication major and learned to communicate as well. I landed my first job out of college in admissions at another school; my boss was a Pierce alumnus too. Now I work at a state university and plan 2 orientations a year for graduate and continuing education students. I don't think I'd be here without my Admissions and Peer Advising experience.” –Marylyn Gainan ‘04
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