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The volunteer Alumni Association Board of Directors is a diverse group of alumni from various class years and campuses throughout the University's history. We wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know these individuals a little better! The AABOD works year round to represent our alumni- creating programs that are designed to keep YOU connected to your University. Read below to find out why these alums serve the University through the Alumni Association Board of Directors!

Henry Ellis

Henry Ellis '69 ~ Membership & By-laws Chair, Member

Involved since: 2005

Henry has served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors for the past nine years, three of which he served as the President. In his current position as Chair of the Membership and By-laws Committee he intends to focus on making the by-laws easier to work with and bringing new members to the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Ray Shank

Ray Schank '69 ~ Member

Involved since: 1970

Why did you join the board?
In 1970, I was one of the six founding members of the FPC Alumni Association and have worked on and off for the last 45 years.

Ray has worked in the Ski industry, working and managing Ski areas for over 50 years. He started the NJ Ski Area Association in 1985 and is still the President. While at Pierce, he skied on the team and coached for two years. Ray succeeded in having the FPC Ski Team  admitted  to a branch of NCAA (E.I.C.S.A. Thompson Division) and became an officer.     


Art Fink

Arthur Fink '72 ~ Alumni Reunion Weekend Chair, Member

Involved since: 2006

Why did you join the board?
Years after graduating I decided to repay Franklin Pierce for my wonderful experience as a student. This is my way of saying “Thank you”.

Arthur worked in manufacturing for 40 years and has retired with his wife, Marcy, to a new home in Delaware. They are enjoying their new life and staying active in the Alumni Association. Arthur keeps active with doing home improvement projects and with his classic cars. Life is good!

Scott Babitts

Scott Babitts '73Member

Involved since: 2006

Why did you join the board?
I wanted to give back to Franklin Pierce. Becoming involved with the Alumni Board helped me to do this.

Scott graduated from Franklin Pierce in 1973 and got into sales in the pharmaceutical industry, and then 35 years ago joined a family business. He is now the President of Stewart Howard Interiors, a wholesale manufacturer of draperies and custom window treatments. Scott and his wife, Katie, have two sons. Their oldest, Andrew, lives in New York City with his new wife, Erin. Their youngest son graduated from Pierce in 2009.

Marcy Fink

Marcy Fink '73 ~ President, Member

Involved since: 2006

Why did you join the board?
I joined the board because I feel it is important to support and give back to the University.

Marcy was the Associate Program Manager for foreign military sales for the Program Executive Office of the U.S. Army’s Electronic and Intelligency Warfare, Product Manager Radars. Marcy retired after 40 years of service to the US Army in 2012. She happily retired in Lewes, Delaware with her husband, Art ’72.

James McDonald

James McDonald '75 ~ Member

Involved since: 2014

Why did you join the board?
Three important dates that I will always remember are Jan. 12, Jan. 22, and Feb. 11, 1971. On the 12th, I received my letter scheduling me for my interview at Franklin Pierce. My interview was Jan. 22, and I received my acceptance letter on Feb. 11. Franklin Pierce gave me an opportunity for an excellent education and prepared me well for a career. Early on I said when the time comes, I will head back to Franklin Pierce to get involved.

Jimmy enjoyed a 32-year long career with United Technologies. He worked in a variety of positions including Operations, Finance, Contracts, and Engineering. Jimmy recently retired on Feb. 28, 2014. He enjoys fishing, tie flies, hanging around the marina, and driving his jeep with a smile, “thanks to Franklin Pierce.” Jimmy also volunteers at a Veteran Homeless Shelter in CT, as well as with the Special Olympics and a local church that ministers to elderly and handicapped individuals.

Bob Riley

Bob Riley ' 82 Vice President for Academic Relations, Member

Involved since: 2007

Why did you join the board?
I joined the board to reconnect with the University, to work with old friends, and to create new relationships.

Bob is the current Chairman of the Academic Relations Committee. The focus of this committee is connecting with students and providing a career-focused resource. The committee has a great time with their work and encourages alumni support to help with their success.

Kim Riley

Kimberley (Lewis) Riley '83 ~ Member

Involved since:  2007

Why did you join the board?
To give back to the University for all of the positive things that it did for me.

Kimberly loves being a volunteer. She has enjoyed meeting many alumni from other years, and has made a lot of connections. She also enjoys working with the students.

David Masse

David Masse '83 ~ Member

Involved since: 2013

Why did you join the board?
I joined the board to give back to the University. Franklin Pierce gave me a solid foundation and I hope to encourage past and future graduates to participate in alumni events.

David is currently an IT Manager for Schneider Electric. He is the Senior Warden at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Center at the University of Rhode Island. He is the coach for Chariho Little League Baseball, and is a member of Ocean State PMI as well as Rhode Island Men’s Senior Baseball League (RIMSBL). 

Nikki Torday

Nicole Torday '98 Vice President for External Relations, Member

Involved since: 2001

Nikki has been involved with the AABOD as a volunteer and member since 2001. She is currently on the External Relations committee and the Alumni Reunion Weekend committee. Her work on the external relations committee involves leading the Boston Franklin Pierce chapter. "I look forward to the year ahead and all we will accomplish."

Chris Holman

Chris Holman '99 Member

Involved since: 2012

Chris, aka CJ the DJ, has a long history of community involvement, from a four-year appointment as commissioner to SWRPC while he attended Franklin Pierce. In 2014 Chris was elected for a three-year term as Selectman for Fitzwilliam, and he is involved with numerous local civic and nonprofit organizations. Chris hopes to create an FPU Business Networking Group while providing additional social opportunities for local alumni to connect both on and off campus. He lives closest of the board members to campus and would love to meet you when you are in the area! (,

Jenn Forry

Jennifer Scott Forry '04 ~ Executive Secretary, Member

Involved since:  2012

Why did you join the board?
I joined the board to give back and stay connected to Franklin Pierce.

Jenn serves as the Secretary of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Jenn is the Director of Residence Life and Community Standards at Newbury College. She is a past President of the Boston Area College Housing Association (BACHA) and is the President of the Massachusetts College Personnel Association (MCPA). She lives in Boston with her husband and two sons.

Remi Francouer

Remi Francoeur '04 ~ Member

Involved since:  2009

Why did you join the board?
I was very involved in the Pierce community when I was a student and I have done the same as an alumni. It’s ownership and pride in the school that gave us so much.

Remi is living back in New Hampshire, after spending a few years in Boston. He has been a political consultant since graduating from Franklin Pierce and recently managed State Senator Lou D'Allesandro's reelection campaign. This was Remi’s fifth and last campaign; he is undefeated!  He is currently applying to graduate programs and spends his time between New Hampshire and Montreal. He is an avid Montreal Canadians fan.

Tara Shollenberger

Tara (Pietraszuk) Shollenberger '04 ~ Member

Involved since:  2009

Tara (Pietraszuk) Shollenberger graduated from Franklin Pierce in 2004. While at Pierce she played on the field hockey team. Since then she has attended Texas Tech University for her Master’s and just received her Doctorate in Education from North Carolina State University. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and puppy dog, Chase. Tara works at High Point University as the Director of Student Conduct and has coached the club field hockey team for six years. Tara has severed on the alumni board since July 2009.

College of Graduate and Professional Studies  
Pam Sanderson

Pamela Sanderson '98, G'08 ~ Member

Involved since:  2009

Why did you join the board?
Franklin Pierce University certainly made a difference in my life. I became active in the Alumni Association in gratitude for the gift of education that I received at Franklin Pierce’s College of Graduate & Professional Studies.

Pam chose to go to Franklin Pierce’s College of Graduate & Professional Studies for her second bachelor’s degree, graduating in 1998 with a B.S. in General Studies. Ten years later, hoping to change careers, she once again chose to go to CGPS for a M.Ed. in Secondary Education. She graduated in 2008 and has since obtained her ultimate career objective of teaching at Prospect Mountain High School in Alton, N.H.

John Borino

John Borino '69 ~ Volunteer


Rick Falconi

Richard Falconi '69 Volunteer

Rick Falconi '69 is retired after 45 years in the Heating & Cooling industry. He is a past Alumni Board member and chair of the 50th anniversary committee. Rick is currently a volunteer member of the Membership & Bylaws committee and chair of the Alumni Archives group.

John Washington

John Washington '83 ~ Current Volunteer, Past Member

Involved since: 1983

Why did you join the board as a volunteer?
To give back to an institution that gave me so many opportunities and to serve as an ambassador that represents Franklin Pierce University outside of New England.

John Washington separated from law enforcement after a rewarding career of over 24 years. John is still involved in the volunteer fire service. He is proud to have attended 29 of the 30 Alumni Reunion Weekends since his graduation. John received the Leader of Conscious Award in 2012.

Katie Babitts

Katie Babitts ~ Volunteer

Involved since:  2006 (Parent Group)

Why did you join the board as a volunteer?
Since my husband became involved, I decided to help along with him. Our son was a student at Franklin Pierce at the time, so I was happy to contribute my time and effort to the University as a parent.

Katie is an English as a Second Language teacher and consultant and works for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education of Massachusetts as a Staff Development Instructor. She and Scott Babitts ’73 have two sons. Andrew is a Development Officer at the Pratt Institute and his wife, Erin, is a social worker. They live in New York City. Their youngest son, Jeffrey Babitts ’09 is employed by Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Kevin Shirvell

Kevin J. Shirvell '01 ~ Volunteer

Why did you join the board as a volunteer?
Being connected to the University that helped shape my life is extremely important. Franklin Pierce was a special place and the Alumni Association allows me to connect with other alumni who share the same enthusiasm for that special place up in Rindge, NH. Regardless of when an alumni graduated, being part of events connected to the association helps me gain networking opportunities and friends that understand the impact of the truly amazing education Franklin Pierce offers. Franklin Pierce Alumni Association involvement offers alumni a chance to hear about different things that were a part of campus life over the college’s history. It is kind of like being part of a living history book that is always evolving.

I am a native of New York who attended Franklin Pierce to get away from Metro New York and intended to enjoy the small town life after arriving at Franklin Pierce. Life has taken me on a slightly different journey that last several years. I now Teach Special Education students from ages 7 to 14 that are extremely impaired in the heart of NYC. Teaching is something I always wanted to do, but my teachers I had at Pierce, in particular Professor Platt, Professor Ley, Chip Mcgee, Professor Joan Dion, taught me what it truly was to be a compassionate teacher while expecting the best out of my students within their abilities. Rewarding is one of many words I would use to describe teaching, and it is because of these teachers at Pierce that I learned what is truly rewarding about the job I love getting up for everyday. They set a great example.



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