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FPU Professor Christina Cliff: Issues have fallen by wayside amid drama

Monday, October 17

FPU Professor Christina Cliff: Issues Have Fallen by Wayside Amid Drama

Franklin Pierce University professor Christina Cliff weighs in on the latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll.

FPU Professor Frank Cohen: Donald Trump win would send a message to major party elites

Monday, October 17

FPU Professor Frank Cohen: Donald Trump Win Would Send a Message to Major Party Elites

Franklin Pierce University professor Frank Cohen analyzes the results from the most recent Franklin Pierce/Boston Herald Poll.

Dr. Robert Goodby reflects the most significant find of his career in the Keene Sentinel

Monday, October 03

Dr. Robert Goodby Reflects the Most Significant Find of His Career in the Keene Sentinel

Keene Sentinel: Robert Goodby's "Eureka" moment began one day in 2010 when he walked out upon a spit of land abutting what's called Tenant Swamp in West Keene. Little could he have known then that it would change his life's work and rewrite the history of New England in a dramatic way.

Franklin Pierce/Boston Herald Poll Shows Dead Heat

Monday, September 26

Franklin Pierce/Boston Herald Poll Shows Dead Heat

Rindge, NH. - The Presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton has gotten tighter as the first presidential debate approaches. In our most recent nation-wide polling, Clinton leads Trump 45-to-43 percent among likely voters, compared to 44-to-41 percent in early September.

Fox 25 Boston: Size isn't an issue to play football at Franklin Pierce

Monday, September 26

Fox 25 Boston: Size Isn't an Issue to Play Football at Franklin Pierce

RINDGE, NH - A special brand of football allows players no heavier than 172 lbs. play the game they love. FOX25 Photojournalist Michael Bua visited Franklin Pierce University to learn more about Sprint Football.

C-SPAN: Photographing the President

Tuesday, September 20

C-SPAN: Photographing the President

David Valdez talked about his work as a photojournalist for George H.W. Bush while he was both vice president and president. David Valdez first worked as a personal photographer to Vice President George H.W. Bush in 1983. When Vice President Bush later became president, Mr. Valdez was named to head the White House photo operation.

Monadnock Ledger: FPU focuses on first-time voters

Tuesday, September 20

Monadnock Ledger: FPU Focuses on First-Time Voters

In observance of Constitution Day or Citizenship Day - which recognizes the adoption of the document on Sept. 17, 1787, as well as immigrants who have become U.S. citizens - various campaign staffers and candidates engaged in conversation with students about important issues in the upcoming general election.

Fitzwater Center’s Presidency and the Press featured on C-SPAN 3

Monday, September 19

Fitzwater Center's Presidency and the Press Featured on C-SPAN 3

Gene Gibbons recalls what it was like to report on several presidencies. Mr. Gibbons covered Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton as a White House correspondent with UPI and Reuters. This event was part of a conference for high school students on the presidency and the press, hosted by the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire

Boston Herald: Herald scribe recounts going from runner to reporter in ’13 Boston Marathon

Thursday, September 15

Boston Herald: Herald Scribe Recounts Going from Runner to Reporter in '13 Boston Marathon

Herald political reporter Chris Cassidy recalled his experience as both a runner and reporter during the Boston Marathon bombings at a Franklin Pierce University terrorism forum yesterday in Rindge, N.H.

Tuesday, September 13

Monadnock Ledger: Mooney Launches 'New Era' at FPU

Kim Mooney sees her new position at Franklin Pierce University as a "new era" for the 54-year-old institution. Mooney, whose office walls are lined with paintings of previous presidents, said she may be the last FPU president able to claim she has met or worked with all of her predecessors.

Record Number of Participants Took to Mount Monadnock for Franklin Pierce’s Annual Climb

Tuesday, September 13

Record Number of Participants Took to Mount Monadnock for Franklin Pierce's Annual Climb

A record number of students, faculty, and staff participated in Franklin Pierce University's annual Grand Monadnock Climb this past Saturday with 335 participants taking to the trails to climb to the summit together. This year's number surpassed the previous high of 246 climbers in 2007.

Read Professor Christina Cliff’s Column on the Latest FPU/Boston Herald Poll Results

Tuesday, September 06

Read Professor Christina Cliff's Column on the Latest FPU/Boston Herald Poll Results

Christina Cliff, visiting assistant professor of political science at Franklin Pierce, weighs in on the latest FPU/Boston Herald poll results in the Boston Herald.


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