Allan Rachlin

Associate Professor of Sociology

Allan Rachlin Bio Photo


B.A., Sociology, SUNY College at Cortland
M.A., Philosophy, Arizona State University
Ph.D., Sociology, SUNY at Buffalo

Phone: (603) 899-4251

Courses Taught
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Race & Ethnic Relations
  • Poverty & Wealth
  • American Political Culture & Media
  • Sport in Society
  • Ethical Reasoning
Research Interests & Expertise Areas
  • American Political Culture
  • American Media & Democracy
  • Social Inequality
  • Race & Ethnicity in the U.S.
  • Sport in American Society

Publications and Presentations

News as Hegemonic Reality: American Political Culture and the Framing of News Accounts, Praeger Pub.

"Power and Politics," Encyclopedia of American Political Culture

"Rehumanizing Dialectic: Toward an Understanding of the Interpenetration of Structure and Subjectivity," Current Perspectives in Social Theory

"Contesting Election Results as Theater: Competing Political Parties or Protecting Democracy?" Popular Culture and American Culture Association Meetings

"Political Violence and Moral Justification: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Newspaper Reporting of the U.S. Attack of Afghanistan as a Response to September 11th," Oceanic Culture Association Meetings

"Assumed Electoral Legitimacy: Notes on the Centennial and Millennial Presidential Elections, the Press and Democracy," Society for the Study of Social Problems Meetings

"In Whose Service? Service Learning, Charity and Justice," Society for the Study of Social Problems Meetings

Professional Memberships

  • American Sociological Association
  • Society for the Study of Social Problems
  • American Political Science Association
  • Popular Culture Association


  • Academic Standards Committee
  • Faculty Governance Task Force
  • Rindge Faculty Federation Collective Bargaining Negotiating Committee
  • Integrated Marketing Committee
  • Institutional Resources Committee
  • Rindge Faculty Federation, Executive Committee
  • Pierce Council