Shannon T. Stroble

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


B.S., Chemistry, Trinity College, 2005
Ph.D., Chemistry, Tufts University, 2011

Phone: (603) 899-1092

Courses Taught
  • CH101 General Chemistry I
  • CH102 General Chemistry II
  • MT260 Statistics
  • BI215 Biology And Health Sciences Seminar
  • CH312 Quantitative Analysis
Research Interests & Expertise Areas
  • Geochemical analysis of water and soil

Publications and Presentations

Kounaves, S; Carrier, B.; O'Neil, G.; Stroble, S.; Claire, M. Evidence of Martian Perchlorate, Chlorate, and Nitrate in Mars Meteorite EETA79001: Implications for Oxidants and Organics. Icarus. 2014, 229, 206-213.

Stroble, S.; McElhoney, K.; Kounaves. S. Comparison of the Wet Chemistry Laboratory Soil Analyses of the Phoenix Mars Lander with Antarctic Dry Valley Soils, Mars Meteorite EETA79001 Sawdust and a Mars Simulant. Icarus, 2013; 225, 933-393.

Stroble, S.; Kounaves, S. An Electrochemically-Based Total Organic Carbon Analyzer for Planetary and Terrestrial On-Site Applications. Analytical Chemistry, 2012; 84(14), 6271-6276.

Professional Memberships

  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  • New England Association of Chemistry Teachers (NEACT)


  • Chemistry Department Coordinator 2018-Present
  • Academic Showcase Committee Member 2014-2017
  • Faculty Development Committee Member 2015-Present & Chair 2017-Present
  • Head Commencement Marshal 2015-Present
  • Dramatic Effect Club Advisor 2016-2017

 Grants Received