Environmental Studies / Sciences Master's 3+2 Pathway

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science

Program Delivery

On Campus, Full Time

Locations Available

Rindge, New Hampshire
Keene, New Hampshire (Antioch)

Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in 5 Years with the Antioch 3+2 Program.

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What Makes Our Program Different?

Explore the 3+2 Environmental Science/Studies Degree to Master's Pathway Program to complete a master's degree in just five years. Spend your first three years in the Environmental Science or Environmental Studies undergraduate degree at Franklin Pierce, completing all of your General and Liberal Education courses, and most of your major courses. Then enter into the two-year Master of Science program at Antioch University, selecting either Environmental Studies or Resource, Management, and Conservation as your program of study.

Work through a collaborative teaching model to explore this relevant and expanding field. Senior year coursework (year 4) will be credited from both universities toward both degrees. 





  • Completion of all General Education requirements at FPU
  • Be on track to complete at least 96 credits at FPU at the conclusion of your junior year
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in the major at FPU at the conclusion of the fall semester of your junior year
  • Written student statement of interest and vision
  • Two letters of recommendation from FPU faculty; at least one from a faculty associated with the Environmental Science or Environmental Studies majors.
  • Interview with the relevant AUNE Concentration Director



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