Intelligence Security Studies

Degree Awarded

Undergraduate Minor

Program Delivery


Locations Available

Rindge, New Hampshire

Domestic and international challenges to national security have expanded our focus on potential threats. Homeland security initiatives have created new opportunities for those prepared to protect freedom and human rights. The Intelligence & Security Studies minor trains you in global politics, diplomacy, domestic security, and intelligence collection and analysis. Interdisciplinary courses provide the context to understand intelligence analysis, espionage, terrorism, and global security threats.

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What do Intelligence Security Studies students Learn?

You will develop an understanding of contemporary security challenges from psychological, political, technological, ethical, and historical perspectives.

What Can I Do With an Intelligence & Security Studies Minor?

The Intelligence & Security Studies minor enhances skills and knowledge needed if you plan to pursue a career in homeland security, criminal justice and the law, psychology, or other related fields. In addition to building foundational knowledge and skill sets for a diverse range of positions, the curriculum includes the study of legal and ethical issues relating to national security and defense. Upon graduation, you can pursue positions with: government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, police work, corporate and cyber security organizations. You may also continue into law school or graduate study in allied fields.


To earn the Intelligence & Security Studies minor, you must successfully complete a 21-credit course of study.

Required courses

  • CIT274 Computer Forensics and Security
  • PA209 Ethical Reasoning
  • PO201 U.S. Government
  • PO205 Contemporary World Affairs or
  • PO206 Comparative Politics
  • PS270 Psychology of Terrorism

Electives (Select two)

  • PO330 Global Security and Diplomacy
  • PS318 Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
  • PS319 Case Studies in Espionage