Dean's List

Franklin Pierce University is proud of the students listed on the Dean's List who have achieved high academic success.

To qualify for the Dean’s Lists at the end of the fall or spring semester, a matriculated student must have completed a minimum of 12 graded credits of 100-level (or above) courses; received no Ds, Fs, Is, or IPs. Please see the current Academic Catalog for the complete policy.

To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student must have achieved a semester grade point average of at least 3.50.

First Name Last Name Achievement Class
Demi Akins Dean's List Senior
Markus Anderson Dean's List Senior
Joshua Arnold Dean's List Junior
Jaden Ashley Dean's List Junior
Kailey Audette Dean's List Sophomore
Andres Auffant Dean's List Junior
William Aylward Dean's List Senior
Ibrahim Ayyash Dean's List Junior
Anna Badosa Dean's List Sophomore
Jovianna Bagaglio Dean's List Junior
Mohammed Barrie Dean's List Freshman
Linda Barriere Dean's List Sophomore
Christopher Barstad Dean's List Junior
Christina Bartley Dean's List Sophomore
Jessica Bartsch Dean's List Sophomore
Morgan Baxendale Dean's List Senior
Jacob Bean Dean's List Senior
Jalen Beliveau Dean's List Senior
Mia Bennett Dean's List Junior
Tessa Berry Dean's List Junior
Erin Blake Dean's List Senior
Phoenix Blodgett Dean's List Senior
ShanShan Bonifanti Dean's List Junior
Peter Borzellino Dean's List Senior
Emma Boyce Dean's List Junior
Grace Bradstreet Dean's List Junior
Alexis Briggs Dean's List Junior
Riley Brouillard Dean's List Sophomore
Tionne Brown Dean's List Senior
Aaron Brown Dean's List Senior
Sophia Brown Dean's List Senior
Ciara Bryans Dean's List Junior
Jamie Calvagna Dean's List Senior
Christian Campbell Dean's List Sophomore
Susannah Campos Dean's List Sophomore
Nicolas Carlino Dean's List Senior
Miranda Carreiro Dean's List Sophomore
Aliyah Carroll Dean's List Junior
Gregory Champion Dean's List Sophomore
Nevaeh Chansouk Dean's List Junior
Connor Chapdelaine Dean's List Senior
Raynold Chen Dean's List Junior
Nathan Chrabolowski Dean's List Junior
Demitri Christou Dean's List Sophomore
Silver Clukey Dean's List Sophomore
Katherine Coleman Dean's List Sophomore
Alexis Collins Dean's List Junior
Lily Collins Dean's List Senior
Olivia Conforti Dean's List Junior
Michela Connors Dean's List Senior
Carissa Corcoran Dean's List Senior
Renee Corriveau Dean's List Senior
Elizabeth Crandall Dean's List Junior
Emily Crepeau Dean's List Sophomore
Nicholas Croteau Dean's List Senior
Jenna Curtis Dean's List Senior
Brittany Cussen Dean's List Senior
Emma Cutter Dean's List Sophomore
Scott Davagian Dean's List Senior
Andrew DeMattio Dean's List Sophomore
Pietra Depianti Dean's List Junior
Samantha DeSouza Dean's List Senior
Nicholas Deveny Dean's List Senior
Reece Diener Dean's List Junior
Adria Doane Dean's List Sophomore
Jackson Dobek Dean's List Junior
Andrew Dolan Dean's List Junior
Josh Dorr Dean's List Senior
Ryan Ducrow Dean's List Senior
Kylie Dudek Dean's List Senior
Jurnee Dunn Dean's List Senior
Amelia D'Urso Dean's List Junior
Patricia Egan Dean's List Sophomore
Taeja Elie Dean's List Senior
Alexander Enderson Dean's List Senior
Andrew Farley Dean's List Sophomore
Abigail Federico Dean's List Junior
Alessia Federico Dean's List Senior
Marvin Feliciano Dean's List Sophomore
Angelo Femino Dean's List Senior
Steven Finnell Dean's List Senior
Mattie Fitzpatrick Dean's List Sophomore
Sean Foody Dean's List Sophomore
Kyle Fortier Dean's List Senior
Emalee Frady Dean's List Senior
Eleanor Gagne Dean's List Junior
Rebecca Gennari Dean's List Sophomore
Rosie Giambanco Dean's List Junior
Preston Gordon Dean's List Senior
Taylor Goss Dean's List Sophomore
Kelsey Gregorio Dean's List Sophomore
Hayden Grover Dean's List Senior
Montana Gudim Dean's List Senior
Brandon Hall Dean's List Junior
Elizabeth Halvey Dean's List Junior
Stephen Harris Dean's List Sophomore
Alyssa Harris Dean's List Senior
Maggie Hay Dean's List Senior
Jack Hellman Dean's List Senior
Thomas Hickey Dean's List Sophomore
Danielle Hogan Dean's List Junior
Jack Hogan Dean's List Junior
Alicia Hottleman Dean's List Junior
Emily Houle Dean's List Sophomore
Julia Jaillet Dean's List Junior
Alicia James-Aldus Dean's List Sophomore
John Jammers Dean's List Sophomore
Alison Jankowski Dean's List Senior
Christine Jarowicz Dean's List Junior
Acacia Johnston Dean's List Junior
Cassidy Jones Dean's List Junior
Aidan Jones Dean's List Junior
Sara Joyce Dean's List Senior
Megan Joyner Dean's List Junior
Casey Kane Dean's List Junior
Elizabeth Kennedy Dean's List Senior
Caylin Kennedy Dean's List Senior
Sean King Dean's List Freshman
Jacob Kirane Dean's List Senior
Kyle Klimowicz Dean's List Senior
Chandler Knott Dean's List Junior
Robert Kristiansen III Dean's List Senior
Seth Krivanec Dean's List Senior
Jason Ladzinski Dean's List Junior
Hannah Lagrassa Dean's List Sophomore
Salvatore Lando Dean's List Sophomore
Rachel Langlitz Dean's List Junior
Allison Lashua Dean's List Senior
Lawson Laurent Dean's List Junior
Trevor Lawler Dean's List Sophomore
Catherine Lawrence Dean's List Junior
Anna Leary Dean's List Freshman
Annabel Lee Dean's List Senior
Clifton Leggo Dean's List Senior
Amanda Leslie Dean's List Sophomore
Michael Levitt Dean's List Senior
Jade Liang Dean's List Senior
Andy Lin Dean's List Senior
Isabelle Lipinski Dean's List Senior
Jillian Livsey Dean's List Junior
Emma Longmire Dean's List Junior
Liria Loria Pereyra Dean's List Junior
Jared Lubas Dean's List Senior
Anthony Luong Dean's List Sophomore
Jessica Magerman Dean's List Junior
Molly Magnette Dean's List Sophomore
Konstantinos Maniatis Dean's List Junior
Ithaisa Marina Vinoly Tavio Dean's List Junior
Jordan Marot Dean's List Junior
Vicente Martinez Dean's List Freshman
Bailey Matteson Dean's List Senior
Michael McAlister Dean's List Junior
Kristen McCarthy Dean's List Junior
Connor McCormack Dean's List Sophomore
Evan McNeice Dean's List Sophomore
Meghan Mecheski Dean's List Sophomore
Daylin Melcher Dean's List Sophomore
Amber Metcalfe Dean's List Sophomore
Armani Mette Dean's List Junior
Diego Montoya Casillas Dean's List Freshman
Isaiah Moore Dean's List Senior
Olivia Morrissey Dean's List Junior
Cameron Morton Dean's List Junior
Ryan Mueller Dean's List Junior
Aaron Munroe Dean's List Sophomore
Caitlyn Munzing Dean's List Senior
Zachary Najem Dean's List Sophomore
Katie Naumburger Dean's List Junior
Jesse Nicholas Dean's List Senior
Jamal Niemela Dean's List Junior
Brendan Nobile Dean's List Sophomore
Connor Nordmann Dean's List Sophomore
Samantha Norwood Dean's List Junior
Jin Oakes Dean's List Sophomore
Erin O'Brien Dean's List Senior
William O'Donoghue Dean's List Senior
Marissa Orlando Dean's List Junior
Blanca Osorio Lloret Dean's List Junior
Brittany Ouellet Dean's List Senior
Amanda Pale Dean's List Senior
Ciersten Palumbo Dean's List Senior
Hunter Paquette Dean's List Sophomore
Jessica Patalano Dean's List Senior
Nkrumah Patrick Dean's List Senior
Natalie Patruno Dean's List Senior
Katherine Peterson Dean's List Sophomore
TigerLily Peterson Dean's List Sophomore
Andrew Philbin Dean's List Junior
Eric Pilcher Dean's List Junior
Anthony Pizzella Dean's List Junior
Mackenzie Potvin Dean's List Junior
Logan Pratt Dean's List Sophomore
Lauren Pribyl Dean's List Junior
Abbey Primavera Dean's List Senior
Katherine Pritchett Dean's List Senior
Paytenne Provost Dean's List Senior
Aurel Pydych Dean's List Junior
Amanda Reed Dean's List Sophomore
Jessica Rehm Dean's List Senior
Jennifer Rehm Dean's List Senior
Brooke Remington Dean's List Sophomore
Evan Richard Dean's List Senior
Liam Robinson Dean's List Senior
Mariah Robles Dean's List Junior
Bradley Rochford Dean's List Senior
Joselito Rodrigues Dean's List Junior
Gustavo Adolfo Rodriguez Garces Dean's List Sophomore
Jenna Ruiz Dean's List Sophomore
Michael Russo Dean's List Sophomore
Kyle Salemi Dean's List Sophomore
David Salvatore Dean's List Junior
Gabriela Sanchez-Parodi Reveron Dean's List Sophomore
Jose Savinon Dean's List Junior
Quinn Schoff Dean's List Senior
Kayla Schuberth Dean's List Sophomore
Katherine Scozzafava Dean's List Senior
Charles Sedillo-Dietzel Dean's List Sophomore
Cameron Seger Dean's List Senior
Trey Sejour Dean's List Sophomore
Gino Serra Dean's List Senior
Grace Silva Dean's List Sophomore
Cassie Skinner Dean's List Junior
Rylee Skinner Dean's List Senior
Jade Smedberg Dean's List Sophomore
Dalton Smith Dean's List Junior
Tyler Snow Dean's List Sophomore
Emma Snyder Dean's List Sophomore
Harchdy Souffrance Dean's List Senior
Victoria St. Jean Dean's List Junior
Victoria Stenersen Dean's List Sophomore
Christopher Stevenson Dean's List Senior
Claire Stewart Dean's List Sophomore
Meghan Stokes Dean's List Junior
Mitchell Stokes Dean's List Sophomore
Anthony Sulfaro Dean's List Junior
Cole Sullivan Dean's List Sophomore
Wondifraw Summa Dean's List Sophomore
Hannah Swain Dean's List Sophomore
William Sweeney Dean's List Senior
Hailey Tatterfield Dean's List Junior
Nicole Thibeault Dean's List Senior
Christopher Thomas Dean's List Junior
Kayla Thompson Dean's List Junior
Emma Thompson Dean's List Sophomore
Cassandra Tomczak Dean's List Sophomore
Faith Tousignant Dean's List Sophomore
Josh Tower Dean's List Senior
Marguerite Tremblay Dean's List Sophomore
Sean Trumper Dean's List Sophomore
Garrett Twine Dean's List Senior
Jaxon Underhill Dean's List Sophomore
Angelina Vaccari Dean's List Senior
Charles Vakassian Dean's List Senior
Carter Vedrani Dean's List Sophomore
Robyn Vuilleumier Dean's List Senior
Alex Wakai Dean's List Junior
Meghan Waller Dean's List Senior
Alexandre Wentworth Dean's List Senior
Desiree West Dean's List Senior
Allison Wheeler Dean's List Senior
Colton White Dean's List Senior
Julia Whitley Dean's List Sophomore
Lillian Willoughby Dean's List Sophomore
Morgan Wilson Dean's List Sophomore
Jaimin Wilson Dean's List Senior
Luke Winslow Dean's List Junior
Jeremy Wood Dean's List Senior
Rachael Wood Dean's List Senior
Samantha Yeaw Dean's List Senior
Joseph Zadroga Dean's List Senior
Maxwell Zegarowski Dean's List Junior


To qualify for the Dean’s Honors List, a student must have achieved a semester grade point average of at least 3.85.

First Name Last Name Achievement Class
Taylor Abbott Dean's Honors Senior
Kaitlyn Acciardo Dean's Honors Junior
Caitlin Agnew Dean's Honors Junior
Sainte Croix Albee Dean's Honors Senior
Cole Alexander Dean's Honors Junior
Zeke Alleman Dean's Honors Sophomore
Laura Alvarez Tello Dean's Honors Junior
Andrew Ammon Dean's Honors Senior
Paul Antkowiak Dean's Honors Senior
Grace Arneson Dean's Honors Senior
Zoe Asterio Correa Dean's Honors Sophomore
Megyn Ayotte Dean's Honors Senior
Olivia Barnes Dean's Honors Senior
Hannah Barry Dean's Honors Senior
Jillian Beayon Dean's Honors Senior
Jazmyne Beck Dean's Honors Senior
Christopher Beckham Dean's Honors Senior
Evan Bennett Dean's Honors Senior
Evan Benoit Dean's Honors Senior
Nicole Berkio Dean's Honors Senior
Felicia Bernat Dean's Honors Sophomore
Jessie Bouley Dean's Honors Sophomore
Ryan Boyle Dean's Honors Junior
Tessa Brandt Dean's Honors Junior
Danielle Brazeau Dean's Honors Junior
Audreigh Brede Dean's Honors Senior
Paola Brena Dean's Honors Senior
Jessica Brewster Dean's Honors Senior
Olivia Brighenti Dean's Honors Junior
Katelyn Brightbill Dean's Honors Junior
Cristina Brose Dean's Honors Junior
Hunter Brown Dean's Honors Junior
Michael Butts Dean's Honors Junior
Hayley Byers Dean's Honors Sophomore
David Cambria Dean's Honors Senior
Adam Carman Dean's Honors Senior
Emma Carter Dean's Honors Senior
Corey Casey Dean's Honors Junior
Christopher Cerrella Dean's Honors Sophomore
Clarissa Chisholm Dean's Honors Senior
Jenna Cimbron Dean's Honors Senior
Joel Cladera Garcia Dean's Honors Junior
Marcos Colon Dean's Honors Senior
Haley Connelly Dean's Honors Senior
Rebecca Cooke Dean's Honors Senior
Michael Cote Dean's Honors Sophomore
Kera Crossman Dean's Honors Junior
Kaitlyn Daly Dean's Honors Senior
Emma Daniels Dean's Honors Junior
Maleena Davis Dean's Honors Sophomore
Lauren Denard Dean's Honors Junior
Adam DiLiddo Dean's Honors Junior
Brian Dillon Dean's Honors Junior
Carina Dillon Dean's Honors Senior
Lauren Donnellan Dean's Honors Sophomore
Kaylee Doucette Dean's Honors Senior
Carolyn Drowne Dean's Honors Senior
Alexandra Duddy Dean's Honors Senior
Kiera Duggan Dean's Honors Senior
Casey Eldred Dean's Honors Senior
Connor Everidge Dean's Honors Junior
Bridget Fagan Dean's Honors Senior
Riley Fenoff Dean's Honors Senior
Lindsay Finney Dean's Honors Senior
Logan Fortier Dean's Honors Junior
Alexis Fotter Dean's Honors Senior
Madison Fox Dean's Honors Junior
Brianna Franco Dean's Honors Senior
Madelyn Frye Dean's Honors Sophomore
Samantha Gallant Dean's Honors Junior
Samantha Gallant Dean's Honors Senior
Olivia Garand Dean's Honors Senior
Lexi Garcia Dean's Honors Senior
Nicole Gasparrini Dean's Honors Junior
Marissa Goncalves Dean's Honors Sophomore
Felicity Goodsell Dean's Honors Senior
Marissa Gordon Dean's Honors Junior
Lindsay Greer Dean's Honors Senior
Jonathan Grenier Dean's Honors Senior
Julia Groll Dean's Honors Senior
Samantha Grondin Dean's Honors Senior
Emily Haryasz Dean's Honors Senior
Kelly Hayes Dean's Honors Junior
Benjamin Heaney Dean's Honors Senior
Emily Heffernan Dean's Honors Junior
Lauren Herrera Dean's Honors Senior
Destini Hill-Edwards Dean's Honors Junior
Kayli Hoefs Dean's Honors Sophomore
Sophia Holmes Dean's Honors Senior
Morgan Howlett-Brown Dean's Honors Senior
Joshua Hughes Dean's Honors Sophomore
David Ignacio Dean's Honors Sophomore
Elena Ivanova Dean's Honors Senior
Benjamin James Dean's Honors Senior
Hannah Johnson Dean's Honors Junior
Alannah Johnson Dean's Honors Sophomore
Cullen Johnson Dean's Honors Senior
Jacklyn Keane Dean's Honors Senior
Brianna Kelley Dean's Honors Sophomore
Matthew King Dean's Honors Sophomore
Ava Kison Dean's Honors Junior
Elizabeth Kleiner Dean's Honors Senior
Gavin Knight Dean's Honors Senior
Becca Kniss Dean's Honors Junior
Melissa Konopinski Dean's Honors Junior
Dena Kossakowski Dean's Honors Senior
Emily Kramer Dean's Honors Senior
Ian Krause Dean's Honors Junior
Madison Labrie Dean's Honors Junior
Bethany Ladd Dean's Honors Senior
Paul Lambert Dean's Honors Senior
Micaela Leandro Dean's Honors Junior
Alyssa Lecza Dean's Honors Senior
Matthew LeDonne Dean's Honors Senior
Caileigh Leger Dean's Honors Junior
Madison Leslie Dean's Honors Senior
Alyssa Lewis Dean's Honors Senior
Annabella Lividoti Dean's Honors Senior
Jeremiah Lones Dean's Honors Junior
Jessica Lopes Dean's Honors Sophomore
Alejandro Lopez-Wheeler Dean's Honors Senior
Caroline Lounsbury Dean's Honors Senior
Britney Loyd Dean's Honors Junior
Riley Lynch Dean's Honors Senior
Christopher Machione Dean's Honors Junior
Julia Marple Dean's Honors Senior
Maria Martinez Dean's Honors Junior
Alena Masterson Dean's Honors Senior
Nicholas Maxwell Dean's Honors Junior
Corinne McCarthy Dean's Honors Senior
Magnolia McComish Dean's Honors Junior
Victoria McGrath Dean's Honors Senior
Tess McKenzie Dean's Honors Junior
Paul McLellan Dean's Honors Junior
Hailey Melchert Dean's Honors Junior
Ian Melewski Dean's Honors Senior
Haley Mikkelsen Dean's Honors Senior
Abigail Miller Dean's Honors Senior
Ethan Moniz Dean's Honors Senior
Marisa Morency Dean's Honors Junior
Jake Mott Dean's Honors Senior
Michael Mottola Dean's Honors Senior
Colette Mulderig Dean's Honors Sophomore
Samantha Murgo Dean's Honors Senior
So Nakamura Dean's Honors Junior
Luke Newman Dean's Honors Senior
Ethan Newman Dean's Honors Senior
Emma Niemi Dean's Honors Senior
Anthony Nikolopoulos Dean's Honors Senior
Jessica Nitzschke Dean's Honors Sophomore
Dominic Norris Dean's Honors Junior
Kyle O'Connor Dean's Honors Sophomore
Alexander O'Dowd Dean's Honors Senior
Nolan Oppelt Dean's Honors Junior
Mary Elizabeth Ostrander Dean's Honors Senior
Jillian Pagliuca Dean's Honors Junior
Kayla Palmer Dean's Honors Senior
Corinne Palumbo Dean's Honors Senior
Maria Penalver Aguilo Dean's Honors Sophomore
Stephanie Phoenix Dean's Honors Senior
Tevon Pieu Dean's Honors Senior
Samuel Powell Dean's Honors Junior
Abigail Purches Dean's Honors Senior
Ashley Quelch Dean's Honors Junior
Douglas Quinn Dean's Honors Senior
William Quinn Dean's Honors Senior
Rachel Ranelli Dean's Honors Sophomore
Isabel Rasmussen Dean's Honors Junior
Dylan Robie Dean's Honors Senior
Arianis Rodriguez Dean's Honors Junior
Julia Rooijakkers Dean's Honors Sophomore
Richard Rosa Dean's Honors Sophomore
Bethany Ross Dean's Honors Junior
Jacob Roussel Dean's Honors Junior
Carley Roy Dean's Honors Senior
Andrew Royce Dean's Honors Junior
Antonio Rua Dean's Honors Senior
Robert Rudowsky Dean's Honors Senior
Molly Ruhan Dean's Honors Senior
Gianna Camille Sahirul Dean's Honors Junior
Yanai Sayag Dean's Honors Senior
Kelli Schaefer Dean's Honors Junior
Morgan Schmutzler Dean's Honors Sophomore
Danielle Schultz Dean's Honors Senior
Violet Schuttler Dean's Honors Senior
Hannah Schwack-Trovitch Dean's Honors Senior
Nathan Selby Dean's Honors Senior
Dillon Sheehan Dean's Honors Senior
Kara Simpson Dean's Honors Senior
Ashley Smith Dean's Honors Sophomore
Morgan Smith Dean's Honors Senior
Alexis St. Laurent Dean's Honors Sophomore
LeAnn St. Vincent Dean's Honors Junior
MaryClaire Stowe Dean's Honors Sophomore
Amalia Traffie Dean's Honors Senior
Chelsea Treichler Dean's Honors Junior
Kyle Tremblay Dean's Honors Junior
Claudia Tucci Dean's Honors Senior
Madisyn Van Horn Dean's Honors Senior
Viridiana Vazquez Kloss Dean's Honors Senior
Luisa Velten Dean's Honors Sophomore
Chloe Vieira Dean's Honors Senior
Gregory Wadsworth Dean's Honors Senior
Delaney Waite Dean's Honors Senior
Ryan Walker Dean's Honors Sophomore
Ian Wallace Dean's Honors Senior
Madeline Ward Dean's Honors Sophomore
Danielle Wassertzug Dean's Honors Senior
Keith Williams Dean's Honors Junior
Meghan Winn Dean's Honors Junior
Katherine Worth Dean's Honors Senior
Addison Wright Dean's Honors Senior
Mackenzie Young Dean's Honors Senior
Evan Zanauskas Dean's Honors Senior


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