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 Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABOD)

Next Meeting: June 19, 2021

The mission of the Franklin Pierce Alumni Association is to engage and foster strong lifelong bonds between the University and its alumni body. The Alumni Association works to promote, maintain and establish networking and social events & programs that will represent the interests of all alumni.

Each alumnus is part of a diverse, ever growing, worldwide community of nearly 30,000 ranging from the Class of 1966 to 2020. The Alumni Association understands the importance that tradition plays on and off the variety of campuses and values the past and those who have come before us while building for the Pierce's future.

The work of the Alumni Association is carried out by 4 committees composed of both alumni volunteers and members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.  The committees meet 3 times a year and via conference calls at other times.  Interested alumni can volunteer for any committee at any time by contacting the Alumni Office at  

Academic Relations Committee

Actively support students through scholarships, career exploration, and networking.

External Relations Committee

Engage alumni in both university and alumni-specific events, benefit programs and other opportunities for Franklin Pierce students and alumni.

Membership, Bylaws, & Elections Committee

Coordinate the nominating efforts for the alumni board of directors, ensuring communication of the bylaws to the Alumni Association, and reviewing bylaws and making recommendations for changes.

Alumni Reunion Weekend Committee

Plan and encourage participation in class reunions and Alumni Weekend events. The committee also helps engage alumni to volunteer as class agents.


 Katie Copeland, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

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