Criminal Justice

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Associate of Arts (A.A.), Undergraduate Minor

Program Delivery

On-Campus, Online

Locations Available

Rindge, New Hampshire

If you are interested in law enforcement, criminal law, the court system or social justice, the Criminal Justice major will prepare you for the mental challenge and high stakes problem solving demanded by careers in these fields. You can work in any part of the country, from small towns to capital cities, doing field or office work depending on your goals. Our program will build the foundation for your success in these high demand careers.

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What Makes our Criminal Justice Programs Different?

At the undergrad level, Franklin Pierce offers distinct paths to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Criminal Justice:

  • Our On-campus BA program for first-time college students provides the core curriculum and flexibility for students to focus in particular areas (corrections, courts, law enforcement, victim services, offender treatment).
  • Our Online BA or AA programs designed for working adults—awards credits for experience and can be completed in as little as 18 months
  • Undergrads can combine On-campus and Online courses with credits for internships or academy training to complete the BA program in 3 years.

We also offer a minor in Criminal Justice for on-campus undergraduates pursuing other majors.

Who Should Study Criminal Justice?

You’ll find this major a good fit if you have or want to develop:

  • Interest in criminal procedure and investigation
  • Steady judgment and decision-making under stress
  • Ability to interpret complex laws and regulations
  • Clear sense of integrity, honesty and ethics
  • Expertise in human rights, victim or child advocacy

On-campus Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

You will study core concepts of justice and learn about all facets of the justice system. You will develop data collection and analysis skills, as well as speaking, writing and presentation skills. You will apply critical thinking and ethical principles to contemporary issues in the field. Your courses and internship experiences will help you to learn about the complexities of the system and build your intellectual, communication and leadership skills.

Coursework in criminal theory, corrections, court procedure, investigations, and issues of gender and racial justice will prepare you for a wide variety of rewarding careers in law enforcement, security, criminal courts, corrections, crime prevention and social services. When you graduate, you will be well prepared to pursue graduate programs in criminology, criminal justice, security studies or law school.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program builds upon your professional expertise and explores the interdisciplinary study of crime, alongside the function of the criminal justice system. Develop analytical skills, and broaden your understanding of the complexities of the justice system. Combine online and classroom learning, part or full-time study, and six academic terms, to create a flexible and personalized schedule.

Knowledge gained from law enforcement or professional training and life experience will be recognized. Receive as many as 45 transfer credits for accumulated certifications, professional licenses, on-the-job training, and more. You may also be eligible for grants, loans, and scholarships in the form of financial aid. As a Franklin Pierce University graduate, you will possess the technical and leadership skills needed to expand your opportunities and push your career to the next level.

  • CJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ201 Police Work
  • CJ210 Courts and Criminal Procedure
  • CJ221 Corrections CJ345 Criminology
  • CJ470 Senior Criminal Justice Seminar
  • SO101 Introduction to Sociology
  • SO205 Race and Ethnicity in Society
  • SO218 Social Science Computer Skills
  • SO318 Social Science Research Methods

You must complete four of the following courses:

  • CJ203 Juvenile Justice
  • CJ301 Criminal Investigation and Evidence
  • CJ310 Community Corrections
  • CJ330 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
  • CJ340 Gender, Race, and Crime
  • CJ400 Rehabilitation of the Offender
  • CJ410 Criminal Law
  • CJ420 White Collar Crime
  • CJ430 Victimology
  • CJ495 Internship in Criminal Justice
  • CJ499 Independent Study in Criminal Justice
  • SO350 Law and Society

**Alternate elective courses in Anthropology, Political Science or Psychology may be substituted by permission of the department.

What can I do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Combine your Criminal Justice Degree with a Minor

Many minors work well in combination with the criminal justice degree including:

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