Honors Convocation 2021

Honors Convocation 2021

The 2021 Honors Convocation will be a pre-recorded event that will be accessible for viewing online at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. The stream can be accessed through the Franklin Pierce University commencement website. 

Watch the video of the Honors Convocation 2021 Ceremony
2021 Honors Convocation Program Book

The Honors Convocation is a traditional, year-end event in franklinpierce during which we recognize the accomplishments and contributions of our amazing student. Here is a list of the awards recognized during our honors convocation:

Alumni Association Awards

  • Scholarship Recipients

Academic Affairs Recognition

  • Clifford H. Coles Scholarship
  • John Zuchara Prize .
  • Paul M. Kotila Scholarship
  • Salutatorian & Valedictorian

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Awards

  • Publius Award
  • Peter B. Allan Book Prize
  • Clio Award
  • Mary G. Maybury Scholarship
  • Emily Flint Scholarship
  • Apollon Valakis Scholarship
  • Harriet Wilson Fiction Prize
  • Athena Award
  • Communication Academic Achievement Award
  • Communication Media Studies Award
  • Communication Media Production Award
  • Communication Journalism Award
  • Outstanding Student in Sports Media Award
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Haines Girls’ Music Award
  • Paul Galkin Memorial Scholarship
  • Marrer Award
  • Ellen & Eugene R. Schiavone Scholarship
  • Anthropology Award for Outstanding Senior
  • Anthropology Award for Exceptional Sophomore
  • Howard Sargent Memorial Scholarship
  • Criminal Justice Award for Outstanding Senior
  • Psychology Award for Outstanding Senior
  • Psychology Award for Exceptional Sophomore
  • Catherine T. Crochiere Memorial Award

College of Business Awards

    • Wollmar Award
    • May-Lawrence Award
    • Randolph Hendler Scholarship
    • Patterson Scholarship
    • Gianaris Family Scholarship

College of Health and Natural Sciences Awards

  • Apollon Valakis Scholarship
  • Ian Sinclair Memorial Scholarship
  • Frederick M. Robbins Memorial Scholarship
  • Betsy George Scholarship
  • Burns-Dion-Preston Scholarship
  • Richard T. Desmond Chemistry Achievement Award
  • Environmental Science Faculty Recognition Award
  • Biology Faculty Citations
  • Biology Citizenship Award 

Honors Program Graduates & Awards

  • Doris G. Alexander Scholarship
  • Stella S. Fogelman Honors Program Scholarship