Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Franklin Pierce University Offers several opportunities for you to get real world experience by studying abroad.

NOTE: With international travel restrictions due to COVID-19, our Study Abroad program is on hold until at least 2022.


Experience one of the oldest and most loved pilgrimage routes in the world: the Camino de Santiago.

Pierce on the Camino

What is "Pierce on the Camino?"

Explore a semester-long international studies program along with 12 fellow students and a faculty member. Travel the long-distance walk along one of the oldest and most beloved pilgrimage routes in the world: the Camino de Santiago. The Camino is a sacred path dating back to ancient Celtic, Roman and Medieval times, and is walked today by thousands of people annually.

As you journey along this pilgrimage, you will travel between 10-15 miles a day on foot while carrying a backpack. You will stay in hostels, country inns, and monasteries throughout the trip, which runs from August through October. This unforgettable adventure will engage you in active learning and challenge you to grow on many levels—intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Your regular room and board fees will be applied to lodging and meals while on the Camino. In addition to regular tuition, you will be charged a $5,700 program fee, which covers all travel expenses (air, train, bus, shuttles), special tours and museum visits while abroad. All financial aid (federal, state, private and Franklin Pierce University aid) that you are ordinarily eligible for, also applies to the Camino Study Abroad Program. You will earn between 12-15 credits. Download program sheet.

Study Abroad with the Council on International Education Exchange

The Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) offers immersive, location-based learning opportunities in more than 40 countries and 60 cities around the world, spanning more cultures, locations, and disciplines than any other study abroad organization. No matter where your academic and professional goals or wanderlust take you, you’ll discover a CIEE program that’s right for you. Franklin Pierce’s affiliation with CIEE allows students to partake in CIEE’s study abroad programs and receive Franklin Pierce credit for courses taken through CIEE. Learn more.

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