Student COmputer Use Policy

Franklin Pierce University provides students access to computing resources, including equipment and access to networks, as an integral part of the educational environment. As an academic community, Franklin Pierce University is dedicated to the free, open examination and exchange of ideas in the pursuit of knowledge. To preserve the privilege of network access, standards of behavior as outlined here apply to the use of resources. These guidelines are supplemental to, and to be used in conjunction with the Student Code of Conduct and the Honor Code. All equipment, network connections and computing facilities are the property of Franklin Pierce University. Use of networked resources implies acceptance of this policy.

General Information

Use of network resources is a privilege. The University reserves the right, without notice, to limit or restrict any individual's use, pending the resolution of alleged abuse of network resources. Each account includes email service to facilitate communication for faculty, staff, and students. The primary purpose of the computer lab is academic and University-related work. Each network account is provided with storage on the cloud. Students' data, stored on Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive or the Franklin Pierce networks, may be accessed by University personnel for appropriate management purposes, such as making back-up copies and reviewing reports of abuse.

  • Students are responsible for safeguarding their network accounts, including user IDs and passwords.
  • Students are expected to use this account in a responsible manner.
  • Students are responsible for any network activity through their network account or originating from their equipment.
  • Students are responsible for configuring the identification of their personal computers to match the user ID of their network accounts.

Inappropriate Use

The University's information technology equipment and services should be used in a responsible manner at all times. Inappropriate use or abuse of the University's information technology equipment/services will be considered serious policy violations. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Abusing, intimidating, threatening, or harassing another individual
  • Sending unsolicited obscene material
  • Interfering with the work of others
  • Vandalizing, tampering with, or theft of the University's computing equipment or services in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, installation or modification of system software (unless under instruction from a professor during class), programs, and hardware configuration (including the installation of wireless routers);
  • Searching for, or providing information about, another user's account, password or data files;
  • Sharing network accounts with unauthorized users;
  • Distributing unsolicited mass mailings (spamming);
  • Using University network equipment and services for commercial purposes or unsolicited advertising;
  • Using University network in attempt to gather information for use in identify theft.
  • Download, saving and/or sharing illegally obtained or otherwise copyright-protected materials via the University’s network ; this is against the law and you could be liable for federal penalties (Basic information on Copyright Infringement)


The University is responsible for investigating possible violations of University code and enforcing rules, which could result in the monitoring of stored material and/or disciplinary action. All allegations of abuse of this policy will be handled by Judicial Affairs.

  • See the complete Student Code of Conduct
    • Prescribed conduct regarding federal, state or local law is detailed in Article 111 Part B Section 18.
    • The Judicial System and Process is detailed in Article IV (Page 15).
  • See also basic information on Copyright Infringement

Original Policy unanimously recommended for approval as modified by CCAC 02/15/2002.
Modified 08/08/2019 TT.

CONTACT Student Conduct

Kat Dougherty, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
(603) 899-4178
Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.