Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

Franklin Pierce Sexual Assault Response Team logoHere at FPU, there is a group of staff members charged with monitoring sexual misconduct cases to ensure that students receive the assistance they seek (i.e., medical attention, counseling services, advocacy support, referrals, student conduct, etc.).


The SART team includes...
Prevention & Support Team Member Title Phone Email
Andrew Pollom Dean of Student Affairs &Title IX Coordinator for Student Concerns (603) 899-4162

Dawn Broussard Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator (603) 899-4079

Kristofer Towle Director of Campus Safety (603) 899-4102

Hannah Monbleau Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards (603) 899-4179

Erica Peery Director of Health Services (603) 899-4132

Nicole Newell Director of Counseling and Outreach Education (603) 899-4135

Daniel Gardner Assistant Director of Residential Operations (603) 899-4360

Colin Seifrit Assistant Director of Residential Education (603) 899-4167

Kat Dougherty Assistant Dean of Student Affairs (603) 899-4167

Counseling & Outreach Center   (603) 899-4133


After-Hours - Campus Safety   (603) 899-4210


What Do I Want to Do?

Remember you are in control of what care/steps you do or do not take after experiencing an incident of sexual misconduct. While those who care about you and others trying to help you may give you advice or present you with various options available, it is very important that you make these personal decision for yourself. These resources are to assist you in making the best decision for you.

Your Options

  • Speak confidentially about the incident to a professional or licensed counselor or pastoral counselor at the University or off-campus (I.E., Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention).
  • Students have the right to bring a support person to any and all meetings throughout the process (on or off campus support person)
  • Report a complaint to local law enforcement
  • Report the incident to University officials through Campus Safety, the Division of Student Affairs or other Responsible Employee
  • Report the incident anonymously for yourself or as a third party
  • Seek medical attention on campus through the Health Center or EMTs or off campus at the local hospital
  • Have evidence collected by the Rindge Police Department or local hospital, this evidence can be used in an investigation at the discretion of the survivor.
  • University officials can assist you with making contact to any of the above resources if needed.

On-Going Assistance

Support and on-going assistance can be provided by the University’s Counseling and Outreach Center or by the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention.

Bystander Intervention Information & Resources

Immediate Assistance


Campus Safety - (603) 899-4210
Residential Life - (603) 899-4176
Health Center - (603) 899-4130 (Confidential Resource)
Women’s Crisis Center - (603) 899-4130 (Confidential Resource)

For after hours assistance (anytime outside of 8:00am-4:30pm) please contact Campus Safety at (603) 899-4210 to speak with a member of Residential Life, Health Services, or Women’s Crisis Center.


Rindge Police Department - (603) 899-5009 (Emergency 911)
Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention - (888) 511-6287 (Confidential Resource)
Monadnock Community Hospital - (603) 924-7191 (Emergency 911)
Planned Parenthood Keene, NH - (603) 352-6898 (Confidential Resource)
NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence - 1-800-277-5570 (Confidential Resource)

CONTACT Student Conduct

Kat Dougherty, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
(603) 899-4167
Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.