ALANA Diversity Initiative

African American, Latino/a, Asian American, Native American Diversity Initiative

Creating an inclusive community that honors the life experience of all our students is important to the Franklin Pierce community. A.L.A.NA serves as a support system that works with A.L.A.NA students, and others that are committed to the values of justice and equality for all. Through this institutional initiative, A.L.A.NA sponsors sustained dialogues through our student discussion group, Pierce Perspective. A.L.A.NA also organizes film, guest speakers, and other programs that highlight our goals.

Supported by an Advisory Board that is comprised of administrators, faculty, staff, and students, we seek to support A.L.A.NA students throughout their Franklin Pierce experience.


“Getting involved in A.L.A.NA was a great way for me to feel a sense of community and pride. All it takes is time, passion and dedication. Remember to always surround yourself with people who will positively influence you to push yourself beyond limits that you couldn't have imagined.”

CONTACT Student Involvement

Derek Scalia, Director of A.L.A.NA.
(603) 899-4152
Tuesday - Friday